Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hello Out There

Dude. It has been sooooooo long since I last wrote. I got an e-mail and a call from friends today commenting on my lack of blogs. One insisted I call back for fear I may be dead. I am not dead. Tired, yes. A lot of other things, yes. But dead? No.

I am so sorry that I’ve been out of the blogworld for quite some time now. There is no real excuse. I will tell you that I’ve been thinking of you all, and every time something blogworthy happens I think that I will in fact blog it. And then I’m laying around and can’t quite get the energy up to get on the computer and type the inspirational and entertaining words you all long for. I do so apologize.

Oh! I do have sorta an excuse. I just remembered. My computer took a poop last week. It caught a virus AND the hard drive was ready to blow up. Lovely. Slowly all my programs stopped being able to be opened. Dear lord. I called a tech guy from the internet and he was so nice as to come pick up my dying computer from me at work. The only real problem was, that he was a small Asian man. I do not care that he was small or Asian, really. But he didn’t speak the English so well and as you know, I’m hearing impaired, so I don’t hear the English so well. Not a good combo when standing on the side of the road trying to get your computer to a man to fix it.

Oh! And I was also only able to hear out of one ear because my hearing aide went out previously in the week. Overall, fun week for Extremely Important Electronic Equipment in my life. When I told my aunt of my mass blow up of all things electronic and important she said, “Mercury is in retrograde.” Who the hell knows what that means. She has said that before when things blow up and I wish perhaps she would think to say it BEFORE Mercury retrogrades, so that I might prepare and perhaps put all electronics and my head in some sort of protective area.

So anyways, the tiny Asian man came and all I really understood was, “Hard drive no good. Need new one.” Ugh. By the by, new hard drive no fun. Cause new hard drive means need new programs to put on hard drive and well, I might have borrowed some of the programs that are on my computer. Maybe. I’m not saying for sure. So then. I spent a couple days making new hard drive usuable and trying to get back to being able to use my computer without fear of it exploding. Good times.

More good times were when another Tiny Asian Man came to my work and I brought my computer downstairs and he worked on my computer while I waited on the side of the road. I am quite lucky that the both of us didn’t end up in some sort of detention facility, never to be heard from again. The Tiny Asian Man had a tiny car that was a convertible. The license plate on the convertible said, “When it gets hot, the top comes off.”



I am very sorry I’ve been out of touch. I will try to do better. I promise. I must finish eating my sushi now and then go back to work. How I would get through the work without the promise of sushi, I just don’t know.


Patricia said...

i do not care for this real job you have. it impedes priorities such as blogging.

although technical assistance by a tiny asian geek squad wannabe on the side of the road? almost worth waiting all these days for a post. almost.

Dean said...

Dear Dawn,

I am so glad to find out you are among the living, as I do not know what I would do if I did not get a Halloween picture of you Moms dog.

Actually I was going to call you tomorrow and see if you were OK. Then I thought I would check the blog one more time.

And here you are.

PS: Don't forget your Moms dog. I need my fix.

tornwordo said...

Yes, I was just wondering about you yesterday. Glad to hear it's just life getting in the way. And I thought Mercury is Retrograde too as you listed your electronic failures. Not that I believe in that crap, but still.

Yes, halloween dog picture please.

Chunks said...

Why do I now have the song "Turning Japanese" in my head?

I was thinking of you last night while I was googling maps of the big California fires, making sure you hadn't burned up down there or somethin'! Turns out you're safe.

I'm with Patricia, I don't like the influence that this new job has over you. And the others. Ceramic Halloween Dog s'il vous plait!