Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bathroom Wall For Sale

Okay. So I might have issues with taking pictures in bathrooms. I might need to talk to someone about my fascination with the bathroom photo op. But until then I offer you this pic:

I just think these are hilarious. These were in the stall of a bathroom I visited today. The fact that we are now selling ad space in the friggin’ stall of a bathroom is insane. What is the world coming to? Is there no space left on the planet that is not for sale to companies looking to advertise? And is the bathroom stall the last place on the planet that people actually stop long enough to absorb an ad?

There are several things about these ads that puzzle me. First of all, who the hell would ever call someone whose ad they saw in the friggin bathroom? It’s weird. And I don’t think I want to have anything to do with any company that is trying to reach out to me while my pants are down.

And another thing. When the sales people go out to sell these ads (and a thing on top of this thing - how crappy is your sales career going if you are selling bathroom stall ads?) are they selling a package deal? Like, “For the bargain price of $500 you will reach peeing people throughout the Sacramento area at many fine establishments.” Or do they sell specifically for each stall, “For the bargain price of $500, today only, we have an opening up at the Indian restaurant on J Street. There is a very high class of customer that frequents this establishment and given that it is Indian food, they are also frequenting the bathroom.”

And here’s another thing that is confusing about this particular ad space:

Hmmm. I have to call them so they can e-mail me their number so I can call them? Seems to me like this is an awful lot of work. Isn’t that kinda what ads are for? Communicating contact information? Why is it that I have to contact you to get contact information? And if I’m getting my contact information to you, haven’t I already made contact with you? So why would I need more info on how to contact you? I don’t get it. I mean, I get that this is just a ploy to get your contact information and e-mail - but it seems like a long shot that anyone is going to actually 1) call any number they saw in the bathroom (that doesn’t have the words “for a good time” next to it) and 2) is going to hand over their contact information without any questions. The whole thing just seems a little too complicated for me. I’m having enough problems trying to get the automatic flushing toilet to actually automatically flush. I don’t have any time for bulk mail in the bathroom stall. Thank you.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Yeah. I saw an ad over a urinal the other night at On the Border.

I'm taking a leak. Do you mind?

tornwordo said...

They do have your attention in the stall. But I would think Toilet Paper advertising would be about the only appropriate publicity. Or maybe the "lady products" - but not in the men's room please.

Chunks said...

My favorite are the "Do you have a gambling problem?" ones. Yead dude, right now I'm betting I need to crap how bout you leave me alone?

Stephanie said...

I wonder if I could sell some ad space in my bathroom? I need to earn some extra money.

Patricia said...

i'm thinking the same people who keep telemarketers in business are also the ones who somehow make it worthwhile to continue advertising in front of the toilet.

god bless america.