Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On Top of the World

Today we road in a bus up the side of a very big mountain. We got very near the top. I looked around and thought it was foggy, but it turns out we were in the clouds. Our bus couldn´t make it the whole way up so we stopped and walked the rest of the way, finally arriving at a small school on the side of the mountain. We worked there for a few hours, painting the small school for the children that will return in a month or so.

Then on the way back down we got stopped again and had to wait for a half hour or so before we could continue out of the clouds. So I wrote a poem:

Time stands still
In this place in the sky
Our journey on pause
And we don´t ask why

We can see the world
Tumbling around below
As we breathe the clouds
And speed down to slow

Peace is found
Where you never look
Between the race
And the things you took

It´s here and there
Moments in time
When things of scatter
Begin to rhyme

It´s these clouds we touch
The face of youth
It´s in giving of us
Where we find some truth

You can see the world
From thise place in the sky
And we can see ourselves
If we really try.


tornwordo said...

Beautiful. And mindful.

chipper jen said...

Wow! For once in my life I am speechless!

Anonymous said...

The world needs more Dawns. Is that the baby you're going to bring home? Totally adorable! ;)

Anonymous said...

Randomly discovered your blog while "google-ing" movie hopping. I really love your poem and I think you're quite hilarious. Thanks for sharing :)