Sunday, December 17, 2006

ChrisKwanziKah Time Again!!

It's time for a new ChrisKwanziKah video.

Are you ready?

First, here is a recap of ChrisKwanziKah Past:

The song:

The outtakes:

And now.

I present to you...ChrisKwanziKah!! 2006!!

Operators are standing by.

Behind the Scenes (actually funnier than the informercial):

Merry Happy ChrisKwanziKah to you all, and to all a good night (with candles on your head).


tornwordo said...

The outtakes are so funny. Who is the costar? You guys make a great team. I was giggling right along with you.

Stephanie said...

Yeah! I love ChrisKwanziKah! Thanks for making me laugh!

Bagel lover said...

This is the best thing, ever. Although, you should have posted one a day instead of giving them all at once to us. Haven't you learned ANYTHING from watching LOST? Reveal a little at a time, then end with a question.
Nice work!

Katelyn Sparkman said...

dawn i loved the song, me and nona were shocked next time try not to say the B word or just dont send it to me

just to tell u both

of u made a great couple and when r u coming this week

P.S love the hat

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn, I love you and your friend for doing this!

I can't help but notice how quickly ChrisKwanziKah became commercialized!

Toni said...

Glad you found something productive to do with those candy cane swizzle sticks Nona gave us. I just keep spilling my drink with mine.


Patricia said...

that needs to be on snl.

and the hats? totally doable for the home shopping network. if you can somehow get the candles to cook something, perhaps ron popeil will even be interested.

this is gonna be huge.