Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fun with Videos

Today I put siding on a house. It was fun and a little scary that I can just put siding on a house with no real supervision. I guess it’s not brain surgery, but still. I shouldn’t be allowed to just put siding on the side of someone’s house. I’m a graphic designer for god’s sakes.

I took some more videos. I’m sorry that they aren’t very good, but I’m taking them with my photo camera and they are about as good as they are going to get with that little thing.

Here is a video of our condo where we are staying. I am enjoying the spa, to say the least.

The work this time does not seem as bad, because it is not 12453 degrees outside like it was in June and I’m mixing cement by hand like I was in Honduras. Comparatively speaking siding a house is pretty easy.

Not much more to write, I have to go eat some more food. I do enjoy the food in New Orleans, my waistline is not enjoying it very much however. Oh well. Totally worth it.


tornwordo said...

Who came up with the name for that outhouse company? Too funny.

Love the vids!

Patricia said...

that condo is gorgeous. i'm glad you've got some cozy digs for the first part of your journey. might make the next leg a little difficult, though. whatever will you do without a lap pool and a king sized bed?

Teri said...

you are so cute. have a beignet & chickory cafe for me!