Sunday, December 09, 2007

Peace and Love (and Oh, You're Going to Hell)

I went to Target last night. A place where I usually find peace and love (and for that I am willing to leave my cash. It's a fair trade I think.)

Last night I found these idiots:

They are standing outside of Target, singing their merry asses off. While wearing shirts that said Gay School with a big circle and line through it. I didn't know there were gay schools. Those sound like fun. I bet they'd have a kick-ass theater department. Not to mention lovely homecoming floats. But I digress. I guess these fools think that the gays are taking over or something. I dunno. I find it hard to listen to people like this, because my brain filters out stupid. A time-saving mechanism I highly recommend, moves a lot of things into the "Not worth a single second" category.

I just looked these people in the eye and laughed at them when I walked in and out. I don't think I will ever understand people who care so deeply about what other people are doing in their lives. It's freezing outside, and you really hate gays so much that you are willing to dress up and stand outside and sing carols on the off-chance of- Well, of what exactly? Are you thinking some gay guy is going to walk by and be like, "You know, you are so right. Thank god you are here. I'm am going to turn this gay train around and head back to Straightville." Really?

People need to get hobbies. I don't know, take up needlework or something. Or, maybe taxidermy. That seems more along the lines for these folks. Hell, I think teaching your kids to stuff dead animals might be healthier than teaching them, "Honey, we are going to go learn about what it means to hate people you don't even know tonight. It's going to be fun, you see, cause it's going to go both ways. We get to hate and then you get to feel what it's like to be hated too. God bless us everyone!"


My favorite was the two girls who walked out as I walked in. Holding hands and smiling brightly. "Don't look at them junior. Smiling is a sin you know."



Patricia said...

the hateful things people take on in the name of love and christianity make it embarrassing for the rest of us.

if you ever find the station for the gay train, i'd like to ride around for a while, it sounds like fun. and i bet they have some killer cocktails on board.

Teri said...

like you said dawn - "Not worth a single second". Unfortunately, Ch. 13 gave them exactly what they were looking for -- attention. What morons. I am surprised Target let them - our Target bans any sort of soliciting.

tornwordo said...

Why did you make me watch that. There is something deeper to that guy's *fascination* with the topic. I need to work on my stupid filter skills.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

When I first watched that video, I was appalled at the anti-gay theme of their attire.

Then I remembered the 100,000 jackasses running to and fro trying to ban Christmas Trees.

Tie score.

Stephanie said...

Oh dear! By being tolerant of gays in school that is anti-Christian? I'm sorry, WHAT? What church do they go to?

Anonymous said...

I guess these people pissed you off so much you are on strike, just like the writers? Are you busy picketing as well?

Herkamayah said...

Wow! A whole month without blogging! I don't think this counts as a blog anymore...