Thursday, December 06, 2007

YouTube Dude

Have you guys heard about how the band Journey found their new lead singer on YouTube? I heared about it on the radio today. Apparently Journey was down a lead singer and one of the Journey dudes was on YouTube and found this dude who is in a band in the Philippines. The dude was so good that they offered him the lead singer gig in the band. Now granted, it's Journey. And they haven't exactly been busting down the charts in like 20 years, but still, how cool is this story?

I heard the dude's singing on the radio and went to YouTube to hear the whole song, cause I love me some Faithfully. But then I noticed all the other videos that his band has. The dude can sing the hell out of a crapload of songs. He is crazy spot-on with his covers, check it out.


The Doors



Bon Jovi



Dean said...

He has these pretty well pegged. Nice job. Hard to believe that Journey never went through any audition process with a bunch of singers. Bizzarro

Patricia said...

the guy's good but i gotta say that journey is still one of my all-time favorite bands. shut up.

in high school i told people that steve perry was my 2nd cousin. i mean, c'mon if that's not true love, i don't know what is.

Ramny said...

Yep... big news in the Philippines, where I'm from.