Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monthly Check-In

Months and months are passing by without a blog post from me. It is the saddest thing ever. I do so apologize. I’ve been all sorts of busy lately. With roughly 2343451234 things going on. Let me see if I can remember anything worth noting on the blog.

I turned 30 in January. And my body immediately went on strike. I caught The Virus From Hell and was sick for about three weeks surrounding my birthday. No bueno. I actually spent my birthday evening laying on my couch, waiting for it to be 8 o’clock, so I could go to bed. It was awesome. Then I went to New York the weekend after my birthday to celebrate with theater and friends. The theater and friends were good, but the ear infection/pressure from hell thing I had from flying while sick was not so good. Ugh.

My favorite part of my birthday trip was the fact that my driver’s license expired on my birthday and I hadn’t gotten the new one in the mail yet. This meant I was traveling with an expired license. No one in any of the airport security lines noticed that it was expired, but the lady handing out the hearing devices at Spring Awakening called me on it and didn’t want to give me the device because my license was three days past its expiration. Cause apparently people are stealing hearing devices left and right on Broadway. It’s a crisis, I tell you. Look for 20/20 to do an expose on it soon. Whatever.

In other big news I have sold the idea for my next book. This is exciting, right? Except for the fact that I once again am going to be putting my body in peril for the sake of my art. Good lord. This time, instead of marathon-ing, I will be cycling. Really far.

There is an AIDS ride from San Francisco down to LA in June and I’ve convinced myself that it would be a fantastic idea to participate in said bike ride. I’m hoping to at least make it out of San Fran. Beyond that I don’t have many expectations of my cycling abilities.

I did buy a (ridiculously expensive) bike and a helmet and even some spandex shorts with a padded butt. So I’m all set, right? What is that you say? I need to get on the bike? Oh, that doesn’t sound like nearly as much fun as just hanging around in the spandex and helmet.

The unfortunate news for all of you is that I’m writing a book about this lovely adventure, so I’m not really at liberty to write about it here. As I should probably save my writing for the actual book. But I am hoping to make some little videos of my travels and training (and trips to the hospital). So maybe that will be as good as reading.

I’ve also got another pretty big “project” on the horizon, but I’m gonna hold off on detailing it for now. I mean, I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with too much info. Gotta save something for next month, you know.


Stephanie said...

I'm excited about another book yet sad that it means even less time for you to blog. Awe, how I miss your blogs. *tear* I remember a time when they were daily. It all seems so very long ago... :)

Ummm but do we at least get a February Dog Photo?

tornwordo said...

Ooh, great idea. There's a blogger on my list "jackhampster" who has blogged the ride the last couple of years. Might be good research for you. I'm glad you checked in, I was wondering what had happened!

fAMOuS said...

Happy belated birthday Dawn! 30 is the new 20. Now that you're taking up cycling, I'll be looking for you in the yellow jersey.

Roxrocks said...

It's because I forgot to comment last time, that is why you have forsaken us, isn't it?

It's April Dawn and I'm missing you. Come out come out wherever you are!


Patricia said...

Dude. We miss you. Stop the madness and blog.

Harris said...

hey dawn,

dawn? dawn?


rock on,


arizona auto insurance said...

That is pretty amazing that in this day and age no one at the airports picked up on it but the hearing person did. Funny.

milly said...

No pressure, but I just pre-ordered your cycling book. I can't wait to read it. Except. I have to wait. So, if you're doing something other than writing at this very minute (possibly a frivolous activity like eating or paying bills), remember that your demanding public is eagerly anticipating your book, occasionally checking the clock or tapping our fingers on countertops. Anxious to read your latest witty creation.

Happy writing. Oh, yeah...and also riding.

BAH said...

Hey, isn't this the spot where I can find the content to your next book? the one about how to write a book without any material to write about? :-)

Anonymous said...

should be more like semi-annual check in!

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