Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Dog for April

Okay, well, some of these costumes aren’t as entertaining as others. I’ll give you that. But you try to come up with 12 costumes for a ceramic dog (no really, do that, I’ll use them next year.)

Apparently we were going for an “April showers brings May flowers” thing with this. It seems a bit weird to see the dog in a rain outfit, seeing as though it almost feels summer-y here. But I am not the one who invented the saying “April showers” so don’t blame me that it doesn’t really make sense.

In other news I am once again leaving my happy home and taking to the open road tomorrow. I am not so happy to be leaving my home. I ready to be home for good, and I still have another month. Ugh.

The good news about this leg is that it involves this:

A home on wheels! Yay! This thing actually opens out in the middle when it is stopped, which actually makes it about as big as my condo. AND it has two TV’s. Yay home on wheels!

My friend Sherry has agreed to spend the next few weeks on the Dawn Is Trying to Convince You to Buy Her Book Tour. She’s a great sport and a great friend to offer her home on wheels to my dreams on wheels. It’s all very Road Rules of us. Maybe we’ll stop every once and awhile and do a random physical challenge just like they used to do on MTV’s version. Could happen.

See ya on the road kids...


tornwordo said...

That looks like awesome fun. Except for the convincing people part, lol.

Patricia said...

i love it! gene kelly, the ceramic dog!

that is a killer ride. we expect lots of videos of time in the Home On Wheels.

as for the april showers... i'd just be happy to have showers other than the SNOW variety.

George Jefferson said...

The dog calendar simply must happen, no question.

The most important question, however, is - do you have a TV on the "movin' on up" home on wheels. Have you thought of selling your condo and living in one of these? It's really all you need...

Chunks said...

I want a dog calendar. It would rock!

The home on wheels is a good idea. I can't wait to read about your adventures. Wow, you really are our hometown version of Oprah now, taking your friend and going on the road. It's awesome!

Stephanie said...

Ditto about the Dog Calendar.