Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Random #1:
There is a gate at the front area of the park where I take my dog to frolic with other dogs. This gate cracks me up:

Notice the many, many locks. Notice the sign warning you to stay out. Then notice that the gate doesn’t extend much further than those locks and that sign. A mere two steps away you can go around the gate and to the other side of it. Methinks this property used to be private and now it is a park, but dontcha think they would have taken the extra two seconds to tear down that last piece of gate? Weird.

Random #2:

This isn’t exactly random, because not only have I seen this sign a million times, but I’m actually related to the person who owns the business. Blake is one of the many names in my family. (It’s always fun to sit around the table with 10 people who all have different last names as you, but who are all either an aunt, uncle or first cousin. My family tree is interesting.)

I just think this picture is funny because it says, "Since 1973" then it says "31 years of dependable service." Yes, I think it’s time for Blake to update his sign, but I get a kick out of the fact that it reads like 3 of those years since 1973 Blake’s wasn’t so dependable. Ha. My family and their signs.

Random #3:

I can’t remember if I posted this before.

But I do remember that it cracks me up every time I’m in the McDonald’s drive thru (unfortunately my family doesn’t own this business, no McDonald’s on the family tree. But give us time, we branch off pretty frequently.) I just think it’s hilarious that they are asking you not to use a cell phone. A cell phone from the early 90's that is. All other phones are fine, apparently.


Patricia said...

that gate is hilarious.

as for the sign, i wonder if this means the lennox company was born at the end of the 19th century since they tout 105 years of comfort.

i love the lightning bolts around that ancient car phone. very scary. and would probably make me order a chocolate shake for comfort.

tornwordo said...

That video is hysterical. Even before I read I was cracking up. First at the ridiculousness of 6 locks, then when you just walked around it. Oh that was funny.

Oh and don't you have any In 'n Out Burgers there? That's way better than the McD, plus when it's busy, they have a person take orders outside with some kind of wireless order pad. I always think it's like magic.

Chunks said...

I love it when you go all random on us!!

Anonymous said...

umm... im guessing youve never worked at a fast food resturant... bc if you did youd understand the sign

its really f*ing annoying when managers are yelling at you about drive thru times and someones sitting at the speaker on their cell phone for 3 minutes ignoring you..

Anonymous said...

lol, not only do they sit @ the speaker, but most seem to phone home to ask what their family wants!! Erm, couldn't they have found that out before they left. The age of text messaging is just as bad. Can't begin to tell you how many near-misses we've had on a daily occurence in our McD's DT (UK). We have managers' screaming to "Take the money," but you can't if the car isn't at your window, because they're on their soddin phone, head down, engrossed in a text message, facebook, or something else. We don't have a sign in our D/T, probably cos it would get nicked by the hooded yobs, but cell phones really are a royal pain in the rear!!