Thursday, November 02, 2006


I do not have good luck with heaters. More specifically, heaters that are meant to heat houses. Big heaters. Of the house variety. My last house had an overall aversion to being warm. It didn’t enjoy being warm. Well, it didn’t enjoy being warm in anywhere other than one single room in the house. This made for an interesting living situation in which one roommate was sweating while the other roommate nearly froze to death. It was quite pleasant.

Now it seems my heating issues have followed me. My heater in my house has very little interest in pumping out warm air. Cool air? It’s all over that. But the warm air it’s not quite feeling ready for just yet. Good lord.

Here is a video I made to illustrate my struggle. I want no comments from you people who choose to live places where ice falls from the sky, I am a Californian and I do not do well in coldness, it is not in my nature.

That was yesterday. I still haven’t figured it out. It is becoming a bit of an issue, as I really feel like I’m a relatively intelligent human being and I should be able to turn on the damn thermostat without assistance. I’ve never had trouble turning on a thermostat before in my life, but this thermostat has chosen to be difficult, and I’m not enjoying our time together thus far. Good lord.

Thank god my dad bought be a Presto HeatDish last year during my Winter of Discontent at my old house. I have pulled it out of the garage where I put it and we all proclaimed, "It will be so nice to not have to use this anymore!" We hugged and cheered and sang songs about warmness coming from the ceiling instead of a disc.

And now. The disc is back. Last night I curled up in my bed to watch tv. I had four layers of clothes on, under my covers, with the disc next to me to provide warmth. And boy does that thing provide some warmth. I woke up this morning nearly naked and the disc was turned off. Who the hell knows what happened to me or the disc during the night, but neither one of us seems to have fared well.

I have to leave for my trip in two days.

I think tomorrow might be time for the trip to Walmart to see what wonder (and cheesy $5 shirts) await me on this adventure. It is really an exciting time. Add in the frostbite and it’s nonstop fun here.


Anonymous said...

/Zips lips.
/Padlocks zipper on lips.
/Throws away key for padlock that holds zipped lips.
/Chokes on spit from laughing while lips zipped.

Patricia said...

cool video. not of the number on your thermostat, but of being able to see your new digs since the walls and furniture and living started up. it seems like maybe you could go make friends with a neighbor and ask them how the thermostat works.

it also seems wise to tackle this problem sooner rather than later. because what if the heatdish-induced nudity starts to combine with the sleepwalk shelf-removing and other goings on. you could be introducing yourself to the neighbors in ways you never imagined.

famous said...

Hmmm..."E-Heat" stands for Emergency Heat. Usually that means the heat pump cannot keep up with the requested temp, so E-Heat kicks-in to do the job. Since it's still 57 degrees with E-Heat activated, you may have to call a repairman. D'oh!

tornwordo said...

I love the video. And I love the manual storage idea. Sorry about the thermostat.