Monday, September 03, 2007

Another Week Gone By

Yet another week has gone by since I last corresponded. I’m not doing so well on the blogging of late. There are two reason for this. 1) I’m absolutely exhausted and have no energy to come up with blogs before I go to bed and 2) I don’t really have anything blog-worthy to tell you about.

Remember those 10 weeks I went off to travel the US and pimp my book? Well, those weeks weren’t cheap, and lets just say that now is the time when I’m paying the price. So here I am. And there you are. Both of us without any writing on this blog. It is so very sad, all if it.

Even sadder? I am typing this right now because it’s 9:30 and I think I may go to bed soon. What the? Last week I went to bed at 9:30 two nights in a row, because I was so exhausted. To give you a bit of a perspective on this, I don’t think I’ve gone to be at 9:30 since I was like 7 years old. And even then, I was probably feeling under the weather or something. The saddest part of my early bedtime is that it doesn’t really matter, I’m still exhausted the next day.

I went to bed the other night at 9:30pm and got up at 6:30am. That is a nice little 9 hours of sleep. That’s good night’s rest. But noooooo. I was still exhausted the next day. Yet, when I used to go to bed at 5am and get up at 11 or 12 I was fine. No tired. You know how some people are just born with the ability to play golf or run really fast? I think my skill is being nocturnal. It’s a skill that doesn’t come in so handy when you go to bed only an hour after it gets dark. I’m working against destiny here people.

This weekend was another one of doing a whole lot of nothing. I was actually sore last night from laying down too long on the couch. I had to take some Advil because my neck and the back of my head were throbbing from laying in the same position for so very long. I might have had the early stages of bed sores. Which was exactly my goal.

I was supposed to go camping this weekend, but I just couldn’t do it. It’s the yearly trip that my friends have been doing for awhile now. Every year I hate camping, but I enjoy the company. But this year the logic of driving 4 hours each way to sit outdoors with people who live in the same town as me was just not quite apparent. I started out the week with high hopes of getting out of town and relaxing with good friends in a great location. Then, as the week (and I) dragged on the thought of wasting precious non-working hours in a car just started sounding like less and less of an ideal way to spend my time off. I was supposed to drive with a friend and we were both secretly hoping that the other one would flake, so we didn’t have to make the trek. We started an email correspondence around Wednesday about the logic of this camping trip. And by Thursday we had decided there was no logic and we’d be better off just staying home. We did get together on Saturday to hang out, at which point we both looked at each other and said, “God, I’m so happy we didn’t go this weekend.”

I think we are officially old.

You know how to feel really old? Have a 21 year old live with you for a few months. Jesus. This guy that is renting my spare room has more friends and more of a life in this town than I think I ever did. Every time he comes home it’s from some adventure or party or whatnot. He came home the other day, “Look! I have pictures of me sky diving!” Then a week later he comes home in a wife beater tank top, with paint splattered all over him, “We went paint-balling!” Then one night he headed out, looking sharp as hell, “Whereya headed?” “A friend of mine is in town for a sorority convention, so I’m going to go meet up with her and her friends.” “Wow, you gotta like your odds at a sorority convention.” “Sly smile.”

One day he comes out with a pair of shoes, “Do you think these will pass for shoes instead of sneakers? We’re going to some fancy club in San Fran and I can’t wear sneakers.” I looked at the shoes that probably cost more than his monthly rent, “You’re a black man, you know how to dress, no one can tell you what suitable fashion is. Tell the bouncers that.” “True, true.”

I think he will be moving out soon, which is good, it’s exhausting just hearing about his exciting life, I don’t have the energy to keep up with it...


tornwordo said...

So funny and I can so relate. I went to this blogger dinner thingy last week and as I am rarely out after dark, I was SHOCKED at the number of people (all young) milling about in the streets on a Thursday night. Shocked! It made me feel very old.

Patricia said...

i did the same thing as torn. had to go into east lansing (college town) at 10:00 at night (my bedtime!) on a weeknight last week and i could barely drive for all the people out, having a good time. i felt like a geezer because all i wanted to do was get home and go to bed.

we really need to win the lottery, people. maybe we need a blog pool. i'd say more but i need to go find out why i wasn't invited to richard's blogger dinner thingy.

Chunks said...

I was thinking yesterday about your lack of blogginess lately. Really Dawn, you blogged more when you were saving the world! Saving the world. And schlepping your book. That you wrote like a blog. Except with pages.

I just think you're not putting your back into it and quite frankly I'm disappointed. Get your act together eh?

(Sorry to go all "Mom" on you but a week without Dawn is like a week without, um chocolate or coffee or sunshine or something.)

NocturnalTwin said...

I love how you say you have "Nothing to blog about" then write a small chapter of randomness. ALthough I do think you are evolving into a suburban soccer mom right before our eyes (van-like new car, new puppy, new 9-5 job, watching your puppy on doggie care-cam, sleeping before midnight....)

Stephanie said...

Seriously, how am I supposed to procrastinate when you are not blogging? Each day went like this, "I wonder what Dawn wrote today?" Clicks blog, "Oh my gosh, nothing! I hope she quits that job soon!"

Dean said...

Ditto to what NocturnalTwin said...

You crack me up when you say you have nothing to blog about and then proceed to share all sorts of wonderful things.

I can relate with your changing (older) feeling. Recently I found myself going to be by 10p or 10:30p, getting up at 6:00a...and enjoying it! Gawd how I miss 2am.

Hang in there Dawn. I am sure you will live through all of the adjustments in life. Well at least I hope so!