Thursday, September 06, 2007

The New Girl

Some of my best friends are people I met at work. I guess it’s natural, because you spend so much time at work. You are going to either end up loving or hating the people surrounding you (On the same note, some of my least favorite people are ones I met at work). One of the things I missed when I worked freelance from my house was the interaction with my co-workers.

But sometimes it takes awhile to go from being The New Girl, to being A Friend.

Today I walked into the bathroom at about noonish. When I walked in I saw my reflection and I saw that on that reflection was a large white spot. On the reflection’s boob.

Apparently I’d leaned into my bagel sometime on my way into the office and had spread cream cheese all over the underside of my boob, and its black top, in the process.

This cream cheese wasn’t visible to me because it was, well, under where I can see. But it was visible to every person I passed and talked to for half the day.

But no one said anything.

The best friends I mentioned earlier? They would have pointed, laughed, made fun of me and told everyone else within earshot to come look. But they wouldn’t have let me walk around looking like a lopsided lactater for half the day.

I miss being Friends.


Patricia said...

tht's just wrong.

it would make me want to jam a pound of spinach between my teeth and smile all day long, just to seem them squirm.

Chunks said...

In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!" Who lets the new girl walk around with schmutz on her all day?! I say we cook up a scheme to get back at them! Spread cream cheese on their seats when they aren't looking!

tornwordo said...

You should have walked back out and shouted at them, pointing at it, lol.

Carrie said...

I hear ya. After almost 6 months in the new office, I'm still at new girl status. I miss the office chatter and lunch dates.