Friday, August 03, 2007

Final Friday

Tomorrow/Today is my last Friday of Freedom. It’s all so bittersweet. Today I had to meet friends for lunch at 11:30 and I was exhausted by the effort. I do look forward to Monday morning when I have to be to work at 8:30. I might be one of the first people to really fight for the Mexican siesta tradition here in America. I’m brown, I can pull it off as a fight for my heritage. I don’t see why only babies and retired people get to nap during the day, it doesn’t seem right.

Tonight was Puppy Class with the dog. Yet another week attempting to turn the dog into the perfect puppy. I think he might need more than one hour a week towards that effort. To be fair, he is overall a really good dog. He just has this teensy tiny little habit of not coming when I call him. I mean, he doesn’t do it all the time. Like when we are inside or at the dog park or in a backyard somewhere, he comes to me right when I call him. But when we are outside of my condo, with the whole world at his disposal, he doesn’t have much interest in the whole “come here” thing. He just looks up, thinks for a second, and then goes back to trying to find cat poop. And then I get mad. And I go after him. And then he thinks we are playing. And I am the opposite of playing. And by the time I do finally get him I am the opposite of happy. Which is probably why he doesn’t want to come to me in the first place actually - because when he finally gets to me I’m always in a really bad mood.

But other than that he’s just perfect.

And I need to know, is there anything cuter on this planet than a puppy class? Seriously. It’s like cute overload. I don’t even think a baby class (Do they have baby classes? They aren’t mobile, so they don’t need the “come here” lesson.) wouldn’t be as cute. Because babies cry and stuff. Puppies just play and jump around and generally love life and everything about it. Then when you have 10 puppies all together? Cute overload.

That is all I have to say for today. I’m in mourning for soon-to-be-gone sleeping patterns and can think of very little else. May they rest in peace. No pun intended.


Chunks said...

Treats. That is how you trick them into responding to "Come." Start in the house. Then go to the yard. When he gets conditioned that there is a treat for every "come" he responds to, he will always do it. Of course, if he is stubborn like Tazzy (aren't all Poms?) he may get fat before he gets smart. LOL!

I don't envy you the getting up early. The first week for you is going to SUCK! We'll all be with you in spirit. Of course, my spirit still has a month of summer holidays so it will be sleeping.

teri said...

My new puppy is in puppy class too! Boy, the energy! Most are Golden Retrievers! Too Cute! Do you play "pass the pup" in your class? It wears me out!

tornwordo said...

Have you watched The Dog Whisperer? That guy really knows the mind of dogs. He usually just has to train the humans. If it makes you feel any better, Sara does the exact same not-coming-thinking-it's-a-game thing. I have been known to strike her for that, which according to the aforementioned show, is wrong - very, very wrong lol.