Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello Out There

My lord.

It’s been like a week since I’ve written. What have you people been doing to fill your days if not with the wonder that is my blog? No, don’t tell me, it’s probably better that you put that pain behind you.

As for me? You know that candle they speak of? The one that burns at both ends? Yeah. I’m on like my 10th candle. Burning them like crazy. I feel like I might be coming out of the other side, into a life that doesn’t involve so little sleep, so much work and a steady stream of Advil to help my aching carpel tunneled arm. But then again, every time you feel like things are calming down they have a way of picking back up again. But for this millisecond they fill a bit calmer. And I hope to extend this millisecond into my weekend, where I intend on doing absolutely nothing. It will be lovely.

Anywho, I’m sure there are things to update you on. But I’m sure I don’t feel like typing any more right now, because of that before mentioned arm pain. I will say that I work in a big building now and the management of that building held an ice cream social in the lobby this afternoon. And that is about the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Give me whip cream and sprinkles and I’m all set.

I will leave you with this:

The dog for August. Yeah. Seems my mother is a bit busy too, because she just dressed the damn dog. He was a patriot for like two months. I think he was afraid of what George W. might do if he changed out of the patriot costume and into this costume.

Mainly I think my mother was just really really hesitant to put a pimped out dog on her front porch. Every month I was like, “When do we get to the porn star?” And every month she’d just shake her head, because she was not looking forward to the porn star. Or the pimp. I’m not really sure what this costume is. I am sure that it is missing something though. See the curly hair under the hat? In my original design of this costume there was supposed to be some of that hair peeking out of the shirt as well, Fido showing off his chest hair. But mom didn’t understand my vision, “I just couldn’t do the chest hair, I couldn’t.”

She also couldn’t do this costume in the right month either, “I think this costume is supposed to be October, but I have the ladies coming over to my house for Bunco in October, and I just can’t have a porn star dog on my front porch when then come.”

Obviously these ladies don’t understand art.


tornwordo said...

I wish I could see the photo. I'll come back for that. Get some rest and do nothing! It's the remedy for everything, that.

Anonymous said...

Last month was a COWBOY, I tell you. He just had a flag bandana. You're too young to know that the bandana is supposed to go over the face--you know, a disguise so they can rob the train.--mom

Chunks said...

Is it wrong of me to worry about you now that you are living a grown up life? I've been worried you know. I'm not sure I can handle this once-a-week posting stuff. Okay, so maybe I'm making it all about me...

The porn star dog needs a big old porn mustache. Like Ron Jeremy. He is the only porn star I know and I only know him because I watched the Surreal Life with him and Tammy Faye, godresthersoul.

Patricia said...

this new job of yours? and the many candle burnings? yeah, not working for me.

need. more. posts.

i know, i know. you need more sleep. but in my selfish world, i want what i want.

i can't see the pic of the dog. another disappointment that is increasing my bitterness.

how's nola fairing at the parents'? we're not getting nearly enough nola here, either.