Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I’m Still Alive

But I am very tired.

Who knew how tiring it was to work for a living? Hmmm.

It’s about 10:45 and I’m writing this cause I need to go to bed. What happened to my wild and crazy lifestyle of watching the sun come up on a regular basis? It has sadly gone away. So far away.

I saw The Bourne Whatever The Name Is this weekend and I decide that I think I want to be a hired killer for a living. It looks like a lot of fun. You don’t do much, just kinda lay around waiting for a call and then you’re off to do the killing. The cool part is that the killing usually takes place is really cool foreign countries. I’m sure they cover your travel expenses. It really looks like a cool job. I mean except for the whole having to kill people thing. But, I mean, if I get free airfare...

Nola has had a rough week as well, with his mother off trying to work for a living. My parents (who are done working for a living) have decided that they think that the dog should probably stay with them during the week and I can have him on the weekends. Who am I, Britney Spears? I can’t have custody of my own damn dog? Geez.

So Nola has been over at my parent’s house for most of the week. Today he was home all day and I about died of guilt. So I went to the local doggie daycare after work and picked up an application. I know it is ridiculous to pay someone for the privilege of having your dog sit in their house instead of your house, but still. At least I’ll know that he is with other dogs and not just sitting at home crying and trying to plot a way to eat my red couch.

The greatest thing about the doggie daycare is that they have video cameras that you can access online. Because paying to leave you dog at a daycare isn’t psychotic enough, they want to give you the opportunity to stalk your own pet on the internet. Good lord.


tornwordo said...

Working really sucks, eh? Now you can use that extra money to pamper nola.

Patricia said...

i seriously love these places. i pass one every single day on my way to work and as soon as i'm able, i'm going to take indi in at least once a week. i hear it tires them out for days. this is just an added bonus, of course.

i'm hoping nola is bonding with the ceramic dog. i also hope your mom remembers that many pictures are appreciated, if not required during her care.

Chunks said...

How many hours a day do you work?! My dog sleeps all damn day anyway, he wouldn't even notice if I moved away. Until it was feeding time.

Anonymous said...

Can parents watch their real kids in daycare online?

Anonymous said...

Leave on animal planet and save yourself that hard earned cash. You can spoil the dog with treats galore and a walk when you get home. Really it's just a dog.