Sunday, August 12, 2007

Monday Already?

Geez. Only two days off? Who made up that rule? Someone needs to do something about that ASAP.

The guy living with me has a great schedule, one that I think should be implemented the world ‘round. He goes to work at noon on Monday and leaves at noon on Friday. They work extra hours during the week to make up for the lost hours at the beginning and middle of the week. Man, I could get used to a schedule like that.

I could get even more used to being independently wealthy though...

You know what’s funny, in a sort of alarming sort of way? Pretty much every day it is a struggle for me to remember where I parked my car in the morning. I park in a parking garage and every day after work I push a button and sorta hope that it’s actually the floor where I parked. I’m about 50% on accuracy. I can usually remember where I parked on the floor, so then it’s just a matter of going to all those floors and looking in the spot where my car should be, if it were to be on this floor.

This whole scenario does not bode well for my menopause years, is all I’m saying.

But if you think about it, it’s kinda amazing that we are always able to remember where we park. I mean, you’ve come out of concerts or sporting events and been one of thousands of people who parked their car, and yet you can remember where you parked your one car. I find that amazing. I don’t really know why.

But I do know that it’s much less amazing when you happened to be running late for your concert or sporting event and just parked and ran in, making no note of where you parked. Then afterwards you are like, “Uh oh.” And then it’s dark and so most of the cars look the same color. And your only real hope is wandering around pushing your alarm or unlock button, desperately hoping to see your little tail lights calling out to you in the distance, guiding you home.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

Not that I’ve ever stood in a parking garage with people, pushing a button while yelling, “Shhhh, listen for it, listen! There, do you hear? I think it’s up one level.” “No, that definitely came from a floor down.” “Maybe that was someone else’s alarm all together.”

I may just take a lot of public transportation once I reach menopause, it will save me a lot of effort.


tornwordo said...

I once got into the wrong car (my car key worked in their car) and was wondering why the seat was in the wrong position until I realized.

Do you ever daydream while driving and then "wake up", lost? I do. lol

Patricia said...

if you get a clue about that whole independent wealth thing, please let me know.

welcome to reality as most people know it.

sucks, huh?

Stephanie said...

I always parked in the same spot every day so that'd I'd never forget. Or at least in the general area so if someone had taken my spot, I'd be able to spot it quickly before I freaked out that someone stole my car.

Devo said...

This makes me laugh. I am so hopeless at this very thing. I rush to where I'm going and then often forget to take note of where I parked. A while back I realized this was starting to cause my son some anxiety that we may never find the car again, so I make a bigger effort to notice where I stopped. I have wandered many a lot pushing the button on my keys, listening for the beeps!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you are complaining about having a job.

Teri said...

this is the best use for a camera on a phone if there ever was one. At a concert, a quick snap of the C3 parking sign and you can forget about it for the next three hours!

I have that problem after being in the grocery store for all of 30 minutes. They need to put isle markers on the rows at Raleys so i can put my camera phone to use!