Thursday, August 16, 2007


Nola graduated from Puppy Class tonight.

By the way, when exactly did my life become one in which I race out of work at 5, go pick up the dog at Doggie Day Care, then go to Puppy Class? Things have taken a weird turn.

Anywho, Nola probably shouldn't have graduated from Puppy Class because his mom has had a hell of a couple of weeks and has done nothing in the way of teaching him the things a puppy would need to know to graduate. But he's cute and the teacher likes him, so he got to pass. Kinda like high school, really.

Then the teacher gave us little graduation caps to put on them. And by put on them I mean wrestle on them... We weren't really able to get a clear shot because he was moving so much. I think part of him knew that he didn't deserve that hat, because he didn't do every single thing he was supposed to to pass. I think another part of him knew that the hat was annoying the hell out of him...

Here is a picture of what a good puppy looks like. Notice, no blurring.


tornwordo said...

A bundle of energy, that one, just like his mama.

Patricia said...

*sniff sniff*

they grow up so fast!

congratulations, nola. what you lack in obedience, you make up for in cuteness. that will get you far in life.

Chunks said...

It must be a Pom thing because Taz doesn't do as he is told either. I couldn't take him to puppy class, he'd get us tossed out of town! Plus, now he's two and he's just belligerent. But lovable, that's all that matters.

I like the way you're living your life. House, dog, job.

The doggie cam? That's obsession baby!