Sunday, September 30, 2007


I have been quite a slacker on the blog of late. No bueno. The problem is I go to work. And then sometimes I continue with more work after work. And the times when I don’t continue with more work after work I really don’t feel like even looking at my computer, let alone turning it on in an effort to say something blog-worthy.

Working 9-5 everyday, doing the same thing everyday, it just doesn’t really lend itself to the randomness that used to inspire some great blogs. There are only so many stories you can tell about post-it notes and company meetings.

Can you friggin’ believe it is October already? This is not good. Where the hell did this year go? I lost a few months at the beginning of the year while I was traveling around in a motor home pimping the book. Ever since then I’ve been a bit surprised at how quickly the year is passing. Surprised and not so happy.

I’m going to be 30 in January. I’m not looking forward to it. And yet there it is, waiting for me at the turn of the new year. I think for me turning 30 is going to be harder than any of the other major birthdays. 30 is the end of your twenties and therefore the end of it being cute to not really have any idea what you want to be when you grow up. 30 year olds have life plans and 401k’s and mortgages. That doesn’t sound like very much fun. And yet here I am.

I hope to be out of the country on my 30th birthday, I think that would be the only good way to ring in a new decade. Last year when we were in Guatemala one of the guys with us turned 30. I remember thinking a cheesy party or gift could never be as cool as being out in the world exploring with the clock struck 3-0. It’s a good precedent to set, I think.

Who the hell knows what I’m rambling on about. Basically it’s October, I’m getting old and post-it notes are uninspiring.

I know. Turns out I don’t have to wait until age 30 to be boring...


Jerry Springer said...

Bring on the wedding story then!!

tornwordo said...

So I must be super boring at 42. It's just a number, and as I recall you do have a mortgage, lol.

Chunks said...

There's a wedding story?!

Um Dawn, I hate to poop on your party but there are other people in this world who are turning 39 real soon. 39 is way worse than 30. Way. Because after 39 is 40 and that is a whole decade more than 30.

Basically, quit your whining you young wippersnapper! Your pissing off us old fogeys!

/This comment brought to you by the makers of Geritol.

Patricia said...

i remember preparing to be freaked out at the prospect of turning 30 and then it came and went with a whimper. 31, however, yowza. so who knows why we go bananas over a number, but we do.

i always heard geezers say these things and i'll be damned if it didn't happen to me. i loved my 30s. and yeah, i've already stepped over the next threshold.

but what i realized at some point was that i still felt 26. and 13. and any other random number on any other given day. and that's become half the fun.

i'm still waiting for the other half. i'll get back to you.

Dean said...

Oh Gawd! How I remember 30. It was a rough birthday for me as well, so I can relate to where you are at...and sympathize...and pity you...and let you know that you will feel better after your birthday passes.

Life actually gets interesting and more enjoyable with age. Really! It becomes more 3 dimensional and you can still have fun too.

So cheer up little buckeroo-ette! Life is just starting to get real.

teri said...

shut up dawn about being 30! 25 was harder for me! Boy was that a long time ago. What ever you do, i want an invite. Unless you go to Guatamala again. When is our next trip to NOLA???

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Yeah, I remember thinking and feeling how you do at 30. I've only become LESS mature and stable since then. I'm 36 and I've just about reverted to my teen years.

I've decided that I don't need a life plan. To hell with careers (how many people EVER get to a satisfying career anyway?).

Social Security and 401-ks are both shaky at best, so screw retirement plans, too. I'll probably be to old and sick to worry about money.

Basically, I'm just passing through.