Friday, April 22, 2005


I’m watching the Cirque – a – thon on Bravo. Well, not so much watching it as flipping to it every once in awhile. It’s hours and hours of Cirque du Soleil. How amazing are those people? Seriously, they make me want to be an acrobat. But mostly they make me want to be able to wear a skin tight leotard that would accentuate my chiseled ab muscles.

Some guys are throwing themselves through rings now. I’m not sure why, but they are very aerodynamic, these folks. They seem to float on air. Even when they fall to the ground they do so gently. Whenever I fall to the ground it’s always a lot less artistic. And I don’t bounce like they do. Maybe it’s the ab muscles.

Now they’re on swings. And throwing themselves through the air to land on some other guy’s shoulders. Perfectly. In leotards. With funky music playing.

Can Bravo get any gayer? I need to know. It is by far the gayest channel on TV. It’s great. I wonder if they are worried about the actual gay channel that is going to be launched soon. As long as they keep the leotards, I think they’ll be okay.

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RO said...

i saw ka
in vegas
it was amazing
like u were stoned
or in heaven
something magic

u r a great writer
and funny