Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Guest Blog - Boobs

When you look at my profile, where it says "Sacramento" you can push there and see who else is blogging in Sacramento. A friend of mine noticed that one of the bloggers in Sacramento has a picture of herself with her baby. And her boob. Apparently she's breast-feeding. I can't think of a better picture for a blog than a picture of your breast. I will be uploading mine soon.

Having been slightly traumatized by this picture a friend of mine, Rachel, had a flashback to another traumatizing breast incident. I will post it here, cause it made me laugh. And it might make you laugh as well.

Speaking of which, I must take a moment to tell you of a horrible scene I saw at Galleria mall the last time I was home. I was at the eye glasses store which is right across the aisle way from the picture place. You know, they take cute pictures of kids and what not. Well, the place where they set you up to take pictures is right in front of the big ass window, I guess so that when one walks by you see how cute the people are getting their picture taken and then you, too, want your picture taken.

The day I speak of was not cute. Across the aisle way, in the picture place, I see a small child (although not as small as one would hope, as you will learn later) and a mother sitting on the ground. I proceed with my glasses business, look again to see how cute they are and notice that the child is lying on her back on the floor and the mother is leaning suspiciously over her. I look closer. I could not help it - they were trying to find my order at the glasses store. I see that the woman's shirt is slightly pulled up .... yes, yes! There was a breast hanging out from underneath it.

There are so many things wrong with this picture that is not cute. First, she is breast feeding in a big ass window. I'm all about women's rights and feeding your children, but you don't have to showcase it. But what made it even wronger was that the woman was just leaning over the child and letting her boob dangle in the air while her child ate. There were no hands involved. The kid was on the ground. The boob was in the air. The woman was out of her mind.

The worst part, though, was when the kid got up and walked away when she was done. Because she could walk. In fact, I would guess that she had been walking for a good year or so. I don't think the cute picture store came out so cute that day.

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Dawn said...

Oh my god that's hilarious.I have this picture in my head of a baby animal feeding from it's mother. You'd think the photo place wouldnt allow that in front of a window. All I have to say is I hope they aren't using those photos for Christmas cards or something similar!hey maybe they were taking photos for the "Got Milk" ads?