Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mickey - D's

Why does McDonalds have a banner ad with a skinny woman doing different yoga poses? She's wearing yoga clothes, exposing her tight abs and legs that don't dimple when she sits in her various yoga poses.

Who exactly does McDonalds think they are kidding? And who exactly are they trying to attract with this ad? People who want to look like that? Cause it can't be people who already look like that. People who already look like that did not get that way by eating a french fry every time they do their downward dog pose.

Do they think that people who want to look like that are really stupid enough to think that Mickey-D's is anywhere near a smart diet move?
Come on.

Note to the McDonalds ad agency: We all know your food is killing us and making us fatter while we're still alive. We've accepted this as a fair trade for the fact that you have the best fast food french fries on the planet and pretty cool toys in your Happy Meals. Please do not insult our intelligence and the ketchup stain on our t-shirt by implying that you are going to be any part of us acheiving zero body fat.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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