Monday, November 07, 2005

¿Donde esta?

So I´m in Honduras. And thank the lord I finally found an internet cafe. I hugged the computer when I saw it. I love computers. I did not know that Ioved them, but I do.

We´ve been here a couple of days and today was our first day of actual building. it was much more fun when we weren´t doing the actual building. The whole manual labor thing definitely put a damper on things.

Yesterday we went to some waterfall and we went UNDER the waterfall and were beaten by the waterfall and we jumped off very high rocks into very not clear water. It was all highly recommended by many health professionals, I can promise you that. But it was fun.

Today, not so fun. Today we started building. And by building I mean digging. And by digging I mean ditches. Lots of them. Lord. I am sore all over. Everywhere. All the places that were once calm and not sore, very sore.

The group I am with is great, all age ranges and the old people are kicking my ass in the way of productivity. I´m thinking that maybe they have actually worked a day in their lives, whereas I have merely sat behind a computer for years at a time.

How I miss my computer.

And the use of all my muscles.

And sleeping until after 7 a.m.

I do so hope the world appreciates all we are doing to save it.

I´m off to eat food, but not too much food, and I will be very selective about the food I eat, cause things have been touch and go in the whole food area. But don´t trip, there are Wendy´s everywhere. Everyone loves a frosty dairy dessert, I guess.

Hug your TV´s for me...

More later if we find the Promise Land, aka Internet Cafe again.



Patricia said...

i'm thinking touch & go as it relates to food is not remotely like Togos.

good luck with that whole saving the world thing. you're a better person than i.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are alive! Use lots of hand sanitizer.......drown your food in it too.......that will help! :)

Dean said...

But what about the monkeys?!