Saturday, November 05, 2005

Not Quite Honduras

I have been traveling for quite some time now and I'm still not even all the way across the damn country. I'm waiting in the Dallas airport so that I can catch a flight and wait in the Miami airport. It's all quite exciting. What I'm really wondering is, how high was I exactly when I decided to book at 6 a.m. flight? So high. I had to get up at 3:15 this morning. Which is about the time I usually go to bed. Which translated to a very restful night's sleep, as my body constantly pointed out that it wasn't tired even a little bit and didn't quite understand this insistence on laying horizontal with it's eyes closed.

Last night I had a lay over in Dallas and stayed at a local hotel. It probably wasn't the best idea to start out my third world trip in a four star hotel. I imagine my Honduran accommodations will look even more third world-y in comparison to the Hyatt. Do you think Honduras will have room service with cute little salt and pepper shakers on the tray? I highly doubt it.

So then, there is nothing much to report in the way of saving the world and what not. I will report that it is frowned upon to have a suitcase weighing over 50 pounds, just so you know. It seems I over packed for my world-saving adventures and I have been reprimanded several times for the weight of my suitcase. My parents warned me several times that if I get put in a Honduras jail I’m never getting out. So apparently I packed accordingly. The drug dealers are more than welcome to incriminate me in their drug smuggling attempts. I have enough clothes packed to last an entire jail sentence. And I’m sure the mosquito face net will come in handy in jail as well.


bob said...

Did you get to use your 'Shake Awake' this moning?

At least you still have an internet connection.

Chunks said...

You there yet?

Bob said...

How 'bout now?

Patricia said...

it was your duty to liberate the tiny little salt & pepper shakers from the hyatt and transport them to honduras and back home again.

she can movie-hop, ladies and gentlemen, but she can't do a proper shake-down of amenities to save her life.