Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Turkey Day Conversation

D wrote:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is hilarious...nothing says holidays like a turkey with an afro:

C Wrote:
How do you find this sh**?

D wrote:
C, this is a touching song of hope and pain from the point of view of a turkey with an afro. This is NOT sh**. It's ART. Thank you.

People send me this sh** cause they know that I'm easily entertained. And I pass it on, because how do I not share such art with others?

C Wrote:
D, you are truly one of a kind...not many people would see a cartoon turkey with and afro, and bling, singing a Gloria Gaynor song as art. Where I come from (granted that's the hill country where you can marry your cousin as long as you have different daddys) turkeys are for eating or using as a soccer ball. Turkeys have been known to partake in some gambling activities - you know when you get the turkeys drunk and bet on which one will run into a tree. But their NOT for singing, and most definitely NOT considered art. That is of course not counting their feathers which make the best head dresses, just ask my mom.

God love my people – they’re creative with their food, sports, and alcohol.

Happy Turkey Day

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