Friday, November 04, 2005


I’m leaving today. Off to save the world. Or at least save Honduras. I’m going to build homes and bring hope to an impoverished region. And all that. When I get there I’m supposed to “rendezvous” with my fellow teammates. Our leader sent us an e-mail letting us know where we would be meeting. Next to a hut? No. Next to a line of starving children? No. Next to a Wendy’s in a food court? Uh, yes.


Somehow Honduras is suddenly not looking quite so hard up for all things un-third world-y. How on earth is there a Wendy’s in Honduras? I mean really. If a country has french fries I consider it well on it’s way to being a prosperous society. And that’s not even taking into account the Frosty Dairy Desserts. Those might push them right over the edge into wealth.

As I finish packing my mosquito net and work gloves I am calmed by the knowledge that I am traveling somewhere with deep fried food. I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to accommodate my special dietary needs. Just to play it safe I’ll still bring along my leftover Halloween candy, in case my body goes into a lack of sugar coma.

So I’m all set and ready to go. Very soon I will have to turn off the computer and slowly step away. For I am going to travel the world, experience new cultures and find my spirit. But don’t worry, I’ll be bringing my laptop (you didn’t think I could go 10 whole days without a computer, didja? ) and hopefully I’ll be able to connect to the internet via a donkey or perhaps one of the super-sized mosquitoes. Until then this blog will be quiet. I know, try to be strong, remember it’s for the greater good. And before you know it I’ll be back with tales of french fries and internet cafes. And maybe some third world-y stuff too.

Peace out.


Chunks said...

Safe travels to you!! I look forward to hearing tales of your adventures in Honduras!

Patricia said...

have a wonderful trip, dawn!
where there's wendy's, there's hope. but their fries do not count as fries. still, if that's your biggest hardship well then hey, you should've packed some Ore Idas.
be safe.

Jenn said...

I hope you have/are having/had) a safe trip. Good luck with the housebuilding and extra good luck with the food situation. :)