Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Heart Mom

My mother called me today.

“Guess what I did today? (guilty giggle)”
“What? (accusatory tone)”
“I went to Barnes and Noble to find your book.”
“Was it there?”
“It was, but it was waaaay in the back of the store and then waaaay up on a high shelf.”
“Yes, well that is where the running section is.”
“Well I think you should be up front.”
“I know you do, you are my mother.”
“I had to get on a stool to reach your book.”
“You are kinda short.”
“AND it was just filed with the other books, it wasn’t even facing forward so you could see the front!”
“Well, there are a lot of books.”
“I took one book and faced it forward on the shelf, so everyone can see the front. Then I took the other one up to the front of the store and put it on a table up there. Dad said I’m not allowed to do that, but I said who is going to stop me?”
“You are a rebel.”
“I was going to put it on the Exciting New Releases table but I thought that might be too bold.”
“Yes, we don’t want to go too far.”
“I’m retired, I could go to every store in the city and do this.”
“Maybe you could set up displays and stuff?”
“And lights! Christmas lights!”
“Yes, that would be classy.”

My mom is my biggest fan. And strangely, she is the only one I will really ever need.

(As long as she really does go store to store and move my books...)


tornwordo said...

What a great mom. Do you think it's in our Canadian stores too?

Chunks said...

Josh Kilmer-Purcell does this all the time. Actually has fans that do it for him through his My Space page. Then they send in photos of where they put his book. It's hilarious!

Your mom sounds awesome! And really, she is the proud owner of the ceramic dog, so we already knew she was awesome!

Patricia said...

i say you get us each to do that in our cities and voila! new york times best seller list, here you come.

Anonymous said...

We went to the Chico B&N and checked out the running section. Your book was right at eye level, (of course for family members that isn't very high). They were down to only two copies-we bought one of those (they probably only started with two copies though).

We'll keep our eye on them, they won't want to mess with "the family".