Friday, February 23, 2007

Not So Random

This blog is titled “Random Thoughts”. I feel as though I’ve been letting you down because I haven’t had time to have any random thoughts. I have too many other thoughts. I’m sitting here racking my brain, trying to think of something random that has happened or that I’ve seen. I’ve got nothing. And I can’t write about the book tour every day for the next 10 weeks, good lord that could be tiresome.

Thank god it’s almost a new month, so at least we’ll have mom’s dog to fill a day.

You know what is not random? And is actually quite sad? How many mornings I am having to be up and alert. This is no good. I’m exhausted and it’s only been two days of getting up before noon. The tour hasn’t even started.

We are still trying to get video of the morning show yesterday. In the meantime I do have photos:

Here is a shot of me and the camera truck. The pre-game show, if you will.

This is a pic of all of us looking in the truck at the monitors in there. On those monitors there was a guy ending a high speed chase and getting arrested. I would learn later that my mother was screaming at this man to get arrested quicker because HER DAUGHTER WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON T.V. Seriously. Don’t mess with Mama Dais.

Two of my friends happened to have yesterday off work and they happened to live near the park where we were filming my segment. So they came on over to cheer me on. They literally rolled out of bed and came over. No make-up. No hair (not in like the Britney No Hair way, but in the “I didn’t even bother” way).

They were standing there smiling and talking and waving and smiling. And then the reporter said, “Do you guys want to be in the segment too?” Smiles gone. “Would you like to be on TV right after you get out of bed?” Because my friends are the kind of people who get out of bed in the morning on their day off work to come see me at the park they said okay. There was a lot of head shaking and pulling down of visors.

Here I am during the actual segment. I'm running. On TV. In the morning. It went well considering how poorly that combo could have gone.

Here are some pics from a Fleet Feet event I had last night.
The fans, they love me. Look at the laughs.

The fans. A little obsessed. It was bound to happen.


tornwordo said...

That's some exciting stuff! Sorry you have to get up before noon. At lease you don't have to drag your ass up at 4:30 like I did today. You're probably just going to bed as I write, lol.

Chunks said...

Is that lipstick on your lips? Because not only are you getting up early, you are starting to look like a girl! That's pretty random, isn't it?

Patricia said...

so are you gonna sell your t-shirts? maybe you could sell some that have the type printed backwards so that the reflection in the tv screen would show the words correctly. sort of like an ambulance in the rear view mirror. but for couch potatoes.

is that a ball point pen you're using? i'm pretty sure there's a rule somewhere that it has to be a sharpie. the high you get from the fumes will help get you through all the signing.

Dean said...

My gawd! You were up at what time in the morning? Running? With MAKEUP on???!!!!

Holy smokes!