Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Day, Sacramento

I found out today that I will be on the local morning show “Good Day, Sacramento” on February 21st. Set your Tivos! It’ll be one of what I sure will be countless TV appearances that I will make over the course of my trip. That is if I don’t act like a complete fool while on this program. Well, actually a fool might be okay. Fools get laughs, don’t they? Yes. So if I act like a fool that is okay. What I probably want to avoid is not being able to act at all and as a result spending the entire segment staring blankly into the camera while the reporter jabs me with the microphone.

That would be bad.

So I have until February 21st to come up with something brilliant to talk about while on live television. And I probably need to find someone to do my hair and make-up. Or at least the make-up. The picture to the right, the one with me looking all pretty and ready for my close-up? That is what I look like after an hour of someone pouring make-up on my face. I don’t think Sacramento is ready to greet their Good Day with my face sans make-up. It’s just not a glamorous thing. But then again, we are doing a segment on running in the park, so I guess glamorous might not be a requirement.

At this point make-up is really the least of my issues. Trying to figure out at way to not puke from nervousness on live TV is probably a little higher up on my things to figure out.

Again, you might want to set the Tivo's, you just never know what is going to happen.


tornwordo said...

You need to tape it, film it and then post it on your blog. I don't think I can see TV from Sacramento here.

Chunks said...

I was just going to suggest that as well. Someone local will have to YouTube it for us Canucks.

I'd be puking already Dawn. I have no advice other that medication. Don't go all Paula Abdul on us though, just something to take the edge off. :)

AlphaBits dawg said...

Will they provide closed-captioning so you can watch yourself later? I am so excited for you , this is HUGE. You are WAY more famous than any of us. All because of a few journals you wrote...who would have thought!?

Patricia said...

hair, fine. make-up, sure. witty remarks, of course.

but what in the world are you gonna wear???

you simply must tape it and let us see it.

today sacramento, tomorrow oprah!