Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stress Reliever

I'm a little stressed about my schedule.

But today I was given these:

And so everything is calm again....


tornwordo said...

Okay but have you checked out the nutritional info on the box? Might as well call them death mints.

Patricia said...

oh torn, please don't pull us into reality when it comes to thin mints! allow me to eat an entire sleeve of shortbreads without blinking an eye.

besides, the girl on the outside of the box looks tremendously happy. i feel it's my duty to keep her smiling.

Dean said... could be my friend for life with those!

Chunks said...

Those make me wish I was American.

Girl Guides sell cookies here in Canadaland, but they sell the mint cookies at one time of the year and the other cookies at another time of the year. I don't know when EITHER of those times of the year are! I'm so disappointed in the marketing strategy of the Canadian Girl Guide system.

Herkamayah said...

Thin mints heall all ills. Send some to Iraq and the war will be over in days.