Monday, February 12, 2007


I have no one clear thought right now, so I’ll give you a smattering of thoughts I had this weekend.

My friends and I actually bitched about the weather this weekend. It was raining. Then I remembered that some parts of the country are under snow or nearly frozen to death. I can take a little rain. Although it never fails to amuse the hell out of me to see Californians respond to rain. It’s always as if this is the first time we’ve ever seen this mystery liquid falling from the sky. “What? What is this? Let me stop and take a little look see at this unexplained phenomenon.”

It is not as bad here as it is in Los Angeles (where people literally lose the ability to function (or operate an automobile) when it rains.) But last night I came out of the movie theater and it was POURING rain. Like movie rain. In which the movie couple is pretty much guaranteed to embrace and kiss at any given moment. As we exited the theater we all stopped and stayed underneath the overhead hanging thing that was keeping us safe from the storm. For minutes we all just stared at the rain, as if trying to figure out exactly how this mystery water was to be navigated. I found it all quite amusing. But not as amusing as the shrieks coming from the people who went flailing across the parking lot, apparently being melted by the falling water.


I went to San Fran this weekend to see some theater. It was a show that is stopping here before going on to New York. Big Broadway stuff baby. What was this great piece of American theater? Uh, Legally Blonde: The Musical. Ahhhh culture.

It was a cute show, and I liked that there were a lot of kids in the audience who really seemed to be enjoying it. Anything that entices kids to go to the theater is fine by me. But really. The first song was “Omigod You Guys”. That is the actual title, I just looked it up in the playbill. I took my ex-roommate. She is blonde. She LOVED it. So there ya have it.


I leave in two weeks for 10 weeks on the road. How does one pack for such a thing? How does one prepare for speaking about herself everyday for 10 weeks?


I have a bunch of quotes taped to the wall that I face while I work. They are meant to inspire me. And give me something besides a blank wall to look at while I’m staring off into space. One quote is “Leap and the net will appear.” It seems I may be taking the quotes on my wall a bit too far...In two weeks I shall leap.


tornwordo said...

I used to be mystified by the magical sky liquid. But I never, ever shrieked.

Patricia said...

uhh yeah. complaining about the weather isn't gonna fly. and could the "overhead hanging thing" be, you know, an awning?

"leap and the net will appear." i like it. sorta like "build it and they will come." and clearly that worked out for kevin costner so i'd say you'll be fine.

Chunks said...

The leap quote? Truly the coolest thing I read all day.

It's -23C here and it finally stopped snowing, so your weather troubles make me laugh. hahaha.