Thursday, May 10, 2007

I’m Trying

I am trying ever so hard to come up with something worth blogging about. As I reported yesterday, my brain has taken a leave of absence. I do so hope it returns shortly. Or not. Being a zombie isn’t all that bad. It’s a lot less stressful that regular life.

Ahhh regular life. I am trying so hard to remember what that is. It’s slow goin’ in that department. So far the television has provided some insight for me. I’ve reconnected with my TV shows, and that is a start. I’ve also reconnected with sushi, which has gone a long way in making me feel like part of my own life once again.

I just don’t really know what I’m supposed to be DOING. I work from home. So I get up and walk down the hall and I do the work that clients require. And it’s not like there isn’t work to be done. There is. And I’m doing it. But see, the thing is, for the past few months I’ve been doing all that work PLUS planning a cross-country trip/book tour/New Orleans volunteer effort. So I’m left with a little bit of a hole where I used to put A WHOLE LOT OF CRAP.

Now I’m trying to figure out what to put in that space formally filled by a whole lot of crap. There are plenty of options. But I feel like I should just breathe for a minute and not jump immediately back into the craziness. But breathing takes a lot of energy and restraint and I’m not so good at being still, as it turns out. I’m very good at being stir crazy though, which is good to know.

My Blackberry broke the other day. I think it’s a sign. Well, I guess it could be a sign that you shouldn’t drop Blackberry’s in the toilet – BUT! I like to instead think of it as a sign that I don’t need a Blackberry anymore. That there is no reason for me to connected to everyone every single second of the day. And also, maybe that I shouldn’t keep my phone in my back pocket...

In book news, there is a little blurb about me in Runner’s World this month:

Do you understand how completely ridiculous it is that there is anything, blurb or otherwise, about ME in Runner’s Friggin World? I mean really. This could be why I feel so out of sorts, there is something off in the world when I’m in Runner’s World magazine. Of course things have been off for awhile, as I was in Women’s Health magazine last month:

You notice that I was also the cover model for both magazines. Ha! I think it would be funny if I was the cover model for these magazines, standing next to their cover models. That would be comedy.

In other magazine news I am once again getting US Weekly in my mailbox every week. This magazine cannot stay away from me. Last year it showed up in my mailbox uninvited for like a year. Then a renewal postcard came warning me that my subscription was about to end. This warning didn’t worry me too much, as I hadn’t subscribed to it. And then last week/month/sometime while I was gone I got another postcard saying that Premiere magazine was being discontinued and the rest of the subscription I’d paid for would come in the form of US Weekly. Seriously? You are replacing Premiere with US Weekly? Please.

Premiere is a movie magazine about actual movies and movie-makers. With actual interview with directors and actors and writers and producers. With actual articles about things that don’t have to do with Britney’s crotch. There’s no other magazine they could think of to replace Premiere? The more I think about it the sadder I get, because that is pretty much how our media goes now. Anything of any substance has been cast aside to make room for more and more insignificant crap. Not that Premiere was National Geographic or anything, but come on, compared to US Weekly Premiere is practically the New Testament. Except with George Clooney on the front. Which is something the New Testament might want to look into - it would help sales a lot.

Okay, I’m done now. I’ve officially spent a lot of time saying nothing at all. So it turns out “Write Ridiculously Pointless Blogs” is on the list of things I can do to fill all my free time now. Any other suggestions?


tornwordo said...

I told you. Open mike night!

Chunks said...

You could tell the tale of sending a parcel to Canada, that was probably an adventure!!

I'm kicking myself in the ass for not asking you to get postcards for me from everywhere you went. I mean, it would have been a bit selfish of me, but I love the postcards so much!

Um, you could learn how to cook! Take a class then you could blog about it!

Patricia said...

i think you need to movie-hop and eat more sushi and watch more tivo and let yourself you know, relax for five or six minutes.

oh, and i'm very disappointed that you didn't take a picture of the blackberry in the toilet.

Stephanie said...

Okay first congrats on the magazine mentions. Secondly, Can I get your random US Weekly subscribtions that you didn't pay for? Seriously, how come that stuff never happens to me. With my luck I'd start getting Good Housekeeping.

Blogger said...

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