Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Some Pictures

I really have no thoughts at this time. My brain is on strike.

But I do have some pictures. And they are supposed to be worth a lot of words, I've heard.


Patricia said...

willie nelson must still have a hell of a tax bill if he's hawking water. and from a place called "drippin spring" no less.


the polygamy porter is from utah, even. damn, you just can't make this stuff up.

the deodorant thing? no clue. except maybe the store took the whole "secret" name a tad too literally.

Chunks said...

Did Willie get the water from his BONG?! :)

tornwordo said...

Drippin spring! lol. Those are so funny. Have you thought about stand up? You know you've got it. Try out the open mic night sometime, you'll kill.

travis said...

Sherry usually does this from the outside and standing in front. But just to show off her deceptively long arms she stood in the middle while taking this one. You can see the strain on her face stretching her arm.