Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I don’t know why really. I just don’t have anything worthwhile to say. I seem to be in a bit of a funk. I was hoping to snap myself out of it by now, but it’s not going so well. I’m trying my hardest not to jump right back into a huge project, but I am going a little insane with so much downtime.

So what do normal people do when they are a little bored?

Get a new hobby? Maybe take up jogging?

Hobbies and jogging are overrated, if you ask me. So instead I got this:

Seriously how cute is this dog? So cute.

I’ve been wanting a dog for a few years and the timing was never right. I was traveling too much or not home enough. But I plan on being homebound for awhile and I thought it was a good time to bring a dog into the mix. I’ve been looking for one for a few weeks, keeping my eye out on Craigslist and Petfinder. I found this little guy on Craigslist. Of course. Because pretty much everything good in life can be found on Craigslist, I’m convinced. I’ve gotten jobs, a bike, an agent and now a dog.

I’m not really sure what his name is going to be, I think I’ve decided to go with Nola and name him after my favorite city. I know it’s kinda a girlie name, but I think he can handle it.

So far he is doing pretty well. I took him over to my parents’ house this evening so that they could meet the closest thing they are going to have to a grandkid for a little while. They were not supportive of my getting a dog. Perhaps because of the fact that I’ve never had an animal and can’t really even be counted on to feed myself every day, let alone a dog. My mom said, “I don’t want to see that thing, and don’t think for a second we are going to watch it all the time.”

Cut to tonight: “Oh, no. He’s cuuuuute.” Cut to an hour later: They are both on the floor playing with him. Ha. Suckers.

He came from a house that had a lot of other dogs and a lot of commotion. I’m hoping he doesn’t get too bored here with just me. He seems to be doing alright. Well, except for his unnatural fear of the stairs. I went down the stairs and tried to get him to follow me. That didn’t happen so much. He backed away and barked at the stairs as if he not only was he not going down them but he’d like to warn me not to go either. So I’m having to carry him up and down the stairs when I take him out to pee. And when I take him out to pee? It is without a leash. Cause, he is not too fond of those either. I don’t think he’s ever been walked, so he really has no idea what to do when I put that leash on him. So far he’s REALLY good at the healing. And the sit and stay. Gonna make for some interesting walks.

Anywho, that’s about it for today.

Oh, one last thing. Yesterday I went and signed up for the bone marrow donor registration list. They were running some promotion this month in honor of mother’s day, and it was free to sign up. Usually it costs $50 or so to sign up. I've been meaning to go and the promotion was over yesterday at 4:30. So I pulled up at 4:28 and added myself to the list. Anywho, they do these random donor drives throughout the year and throughout the country. You can get info at If there is a drive near you you should go and do it. They just swab the side of your mouth and that’s it, you are in the registry. The odds of being matched are very slim, but they may be just the odds somebody needs to survive. So check it out if you have the chance.

Okay, off to escort the dog down the scary stairs, I hope we make it.


Patricia said...


you are no longer without blog material. seriously. you have joined the club of dogs and i am unnaturally happy about that! i just know rox will feel the same way.

he's so stinkin cute!! and nola is a great name. very fitting. oh this is going to be an adventure.

how old is he?

Chunks said...


Taz was scared of stairs forever and he still hates going for rides. Oh he likes the idea of going but the actual going leaves him freaked! Bribe him with treats. Oh and get him neutered if he isn't already, you don't want him humping your mom's ceramic dog when she is all dressed up for summer!!

I am so excited for you! His name is Nola, he was a show dog...

Elisabeth Filarski said...

HA! I can't wait to see the pics where mom dresses up Nola next to the ceramic day is coming up!!! I smell a surprise! If he ever has issues with his name you can just say "It's really Nolan but the N is silent".

travis said...

Wouldn't it be pronounced "Ola" then?

Carrie said...

Yeah! I love puppies. My mom took me to a class where I learned all the cool dog ticks (even though I like to pretend like I don't know them anymore). It helped me get over my fear of dumpster, towels, bags, newspapers…my list is long, I won't bore you with all the scary things the world. Its at the place where I like to pee on the cement floor, can't understand why my mom gets mad...all the cool dogs do it. I've heard people call it Petsmart, but its really just a big room with food and that mean lady that likes to stick me with long poky things. The classes were fun and I met lots of dogs my age, I totally think Nola will love it.
"Protector of Carrie"

tornwordo said...

Aw, you can take him shopping with you in your handbag.