Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Really Have Nothing

So, I’ve got this blog here. Where I’m supposed to ramble on about random things that entertain me or that I think might entertain you. But you see, I’ve got nothing. I’m in a weird funk right now and have absolutely nothing whatsoever to say. It is quite bizarre, as I sorta pride myself on being able to ramble on and on even when I having nothing at all to say. In fact, some might argue that I got an entire book deal out of my rambling abilities.

But I got nothing. I’m trying, I really am. I am trying to make note of anything funny or random that happens during the day, trying to gather blog-worthy stories. But I am just drawing a complete blank. I even got a damn puppy. And he’s not giving me anything. Except the desire to see how far one can throw damn puppies.

I’ve watched roughly 1000 hours of TV, 250 movies and played 30,000 online games. (I believe the latter is an attempt to prove that, although I’m a Soduko idiot, I am capable of winning other games). Work is work, friends are friends, family is family. But none of it is very entertaining. I am working almost exclusively from home now, which might be part of the problem. I don’t see a lot of the outside world. At least not as much as normal people see. What I see a lot of is a peeing dog. That does not a blog make.

So I am reaching out to you dear readers. Give me something to write about. Anything will do. Maybe a question. Maybe a topic. Maybe you just write something for me and I pretend I wrote it. Kay?


Chunks said...

You are trying too hard. You had it when you started to talk about the peeing dog and wanting to throw said dog. You need to talk about that. Really.

When he starts sniffing, stick his fuzzy ass outside and then when he does his b-whizz-ness praise him like there is no tomorrow. Capture this on video. There. I have your next six entries. Don't think no one will read it either. I know for a fact Patricia has been DYING to hear this sort of thing and Devo too! And you know how I LOVE a good poop/pee story!

Patricia said...

yes, yes, we want puppy posts!

in the meantime, you said the magic word: question. pity that i saw an imaginary “s” at the end.

when did you become addicted to sushi and what is your fave?

if you saw jimmy carter at a habitat function and were able to talk to him, what would you say?

do you feel like you have another book in you? i.e., do you still own the red couch?

what’s your all-time best movie hop and why?

if you didn’t live in sac, where would you want to live?

has nola met the ceramic dog? how about the shit bitch bear?

tornwordo said...

I'm all grinnin' and stuff. Thank god it's not only me. When I went to New York and met other bloggers, they admonished me to not write if I have nothing to write about. I was clipped. I think we're all entitled to "the muse has left the building" whines. I'm all ears if you'd like to discuss the canine turd situation.

Devo said...

Pictures pictures pictures I say. Oh and what they all said too, yeah.:)

Nola woof woof said...

This is a syndrome commonly known as blogger's block.