Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Car

As requested, here are pics of the new car. It's actually an SUV, not a car. Which I didn't really know until I got home and did some comparison shopping online. (Is it bad that I comparison shopped AFTER I bought the car? Whatever.)

The moral of the story is: Take care of your puppies. Because you see, Nola got sick on Friday. Like "puking everything he's ever eaten in his natural life" sick. And so I felt bad leaving him alone when I went out all day on Saturday. So I took him over to my parents' house, so he could puke with family. Then on my way back to pick him up I went by the automall to "just look" at some cars. Riiight. 5:30 pm: "I'm on my way over to pick up the dog." 7:30 pm: "Where are you?" "Uh, I'm test driving a car." "Oh God."

So then.

Here is what happens when you have a sick puppy:

The car is pretty pimped out, cause why not? I've never bought a car before, so I thought I'd might as well go big. The biggest selling point of the car? See below:
It's blurry, because I took it while I was driving. But do you see what it is? A screen. That monitors my tire pressure. (The screen does other things too, but who really cares about them?) So when my tire pressure is screwy and might cause me to go spinning across the freeway (as has been known to happen to me) it will tell me so that I might remedy the situation before the situation becomes me ramming head on into the friggin center divide going 70 miles an hour.

You have no idea how much of a selling point this was. Seriously. I go into SF alot for theater stuff and to visit friends. EVERY SINGLE time I go I pull over at least once, if not twice, to check my tires. Because I'm that paranoid about them blowing up. As about 15 or so have done to me over the years. I also didn't like to drive long distances with kids in my car for fear they may get hurt when the next flat tire came my way. Basically I was scared of my own car.

But no more. Kids, adults, whoever, hop on in! Yay tire pressure monitors!

There are a lot of other cool things about the car, but really, the tire thing is the coolest to me.


tornwordo said...

It's gorgeous! Does it tell you when your windshield fluid is low? Cause that would be super-cool too.

Patricia said...

that is one kickass car. congrats!

i think puppy puking is normal. they eat anything within their line of vision and then vomit their entire body weight in random slimy grossness. i'm hoping nola is over his bout of tummy trouble before getting in that new car.

the tire thing truly was invented for you. and the car seems a much more manageable size than that house-on-wheels you drove on the book tour.

but the part of the computer thingy i like most is that it contains the word "random" which really, has you written all over it.

Dean said...

Your car is very nice. I like the color that you chose and of course the tire pressure gauge is a hoot!

Happy Trails Buck-a-roo-ete!

Anonymous said...

And how is that keyless thin working out for you? mom

shortwinded said...

WOW! I Guess you really are a big girl now!

Devo said...

I hope you have a safe place to put that baby or the thieves will make you their next victim. She is really pretty! Are you naming her as so many of you writer types do? How about Kali? :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should name it NoLo just to keep the theme of your names simple.

Chunks said...

It's red. That means I can never go for a ride with you unless I get over my obsessive fear about red vehicles. Sigh.

Poor barfy Nola!