Monday, July 30, 2007

The Countdown

So then.

In 7 days time I will be starting a new job. A Big Girl Job, I call it. One that requires me to show up at 8:30 in the morning and stay until 5 in the evening. And it requires me to spend those hours in a cubicle. Hmmmm.

Basically it’s a good job that is offering too much for me to pass it up. It’s a good opportunity to use my graphic design and marketing skills and a good opportunity to get even more graphic design and marketing skills.

I’m not really going to go into great detail about all of this, as this is the internets and it’s quite easy to find this blog if you were, say, a new employer.

I will say that I do believe my parents are the happiest of all about this job. My parents spent 30 years each working for the state/county. They enjoy a stable job. So far, I haven’t been a huge fan. I have been quite blessed these past few years to have been able to do whatever, whenever, wherever. I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve slept a lot, and yet I’ve still managed to pay my bills and even buy a condo. Despite the fact that I haven’t been homeless at all, parents aren’t terribly thrilled with the idea of freelance income. They like paychecks. And 401k’s.

My dad is so excited about me getting this job that you’d think I had won the friggin’ lottery. Tonight he planned a celebration dinner that included a limo ride and family members and great food. You see, it’s been hard on ol’ dad. I was supposed to be the kid that went to a great college, graduated with honors and entered the corporate food chain. But that just wasn’t my thing. Ever since I packed up my car and headed down to LA with no money or a place to live I think poor dad has had a little bit of an ulcer. Mom hasn’t been much better. They’ve shaken their heads and rolled their eyes more times than can really be counted. And so now I have the Big Girl Job and dad is popping champagne.

We’ll see how it all works out.

When I first connected with new employer it was in the AM hours. The guy called me and told me about the job and all it had to offer. I grabbed the first thing I could find near my bed (a magazine) and started jotting down notes on an ad.

It’s an ad that says “Eye Opening” on it. Does that mean something? Who knows. Please note that “PTO” (Paid Time Off) was one of the only things I thought worthy of putting a square around. I wonder if that is a bad sign....

In much more exciting news the other night after a concert thingy a few friends and I went in search of dessert. We walked into PF Changs (a trendy chain Chinese food restaurant here (is it other places too? Who knows)) and as the waiter started mixing the soy sauce on the table we said, “Uh, no, we aren’t going to need that. What we are going to need is the bottom four desserts on your menu.”

This is by far one of the best ideas I’ve ever been a part of. You know how you go to restaurants like this and you make yourself ill on the food, so you have no room for dessert? And they always have really pretty desserts, but you feel like you may vomit, so you pass. I highly recommend skipping the food and just ordering a gang of desserts. Much more enjoyable.

Life. Is in the little things.


tornwordo said...

Congrats on the big girl job! (I think, lol) I'm glad pop's happy.

Patricia said...

yay for a big girl job!

we have a pf chang, too. but i always eat myself silly and never have room for dessert.

wise woman you are, dawn.

how's nola gonna cope with you being gone all day?

Chunks said...

A big girl job. Oooh, that's scary. To hell with Nola, what about us?

Devo said...

Congratulations, wow, I have to say I thought you were the anti-job, but I think it may be a good thing once you get used to being up early and going to sleep before 4 am. Glad the folks are so happy too. Desserts are so much more satisfying anyways. I need to do that more often.

Dean said...

Wow! I am totally I cannot believe what I have just read.


Congratulations Dawn! I hope it all works out and that you will be happy in your new job.

By the way...the desserts look outstanding!

To your Mom and Dad...WOOHOO!