Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We The People

I don't usually post political stuff, but this is just too good. In the era of Fox News you just don't hear things like this on TV. Which is why things are the way things are.

“If you’re not completely appalled, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

Pay attention.

Happy Independence Day.


Patricia said...


sometimes i'm strange enough to wonder what i'd ever say to dubya if i got the chance. now i know. i'd take this particular footage up to him and push play.

lucky cheney. he isn't even a part of the executive branch, ya know.

Dean said...

Hot air is cheap at the end of a Presidential term.

I would have appreciated his words more, if he had not spent so much of his time saying the same two lines thirty different ways and focused more on what the issue(s) are.

Google/Blogger said...

The sad part is GWB will see this and just laugh it off because he doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty conservative, and while I do not agree with everything Olbermann said, he does raise a few good points.

...and DUH, Bush commuting Libby's sentence was a really bad move.

teri said...

he became my hero in the media world!