Monday, July 23, 2007

Procrastination Station, Stop #754 - Nissan Dealer

This weekend I took procrastination to an all-time high.

I bought a car instead of doing my work.

Funny thing though, after I did that the worked flowed like crazy.

Cause really, what more could I do?

I really had done EVERYTHING except what I was supposed to do.

My new favorite t-shirt reads: "Procrastinators of the world UNITE!!......tomorrow"

That is all.


Patricia said...

that is all?

that is all?!

pictures, woman, we need pictures!

along the same lines as your t-shirt, i love "dyslexics of the world.... UNTIE!"

Chunks said...

Yes, pictures!

You're so funny with the procrastination. Some of us procrastinators work better under pressure. That's all.