Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"So, let me get this straight. You take my balls and you leave me with this damn cone on my head? That seems like the worst deal ever." - Nola Dog

Here he is in happier times, pre-cone.

The instructions say that I'm not supposed to let him jump on things. Which shouldn't be a problem at all with a 6 month old puppy who is half bird.

I'll just put his reading materials on the ground, so he can get to them.

In other Random News:

I saw this bus today while I was driving and it kinda freaked me out. Can you see the eyes in the back? They are really detailed, they even have eye shadow. They look sad to me. It was rush hour, so I can see why they would be bummed.

And Nola's Snippity Snip has nothing on my harrowing experience of the day.

I needed cash so I pulled into a gas station and went in. They didn't have an ATM, so I had to buy something. I grabbed some Twinkies and called it a day. Just now, as I was trying to keep my energy up for this blog post, I ripped open the Twinkies, took a bite, thought maybe something had gone terribly wrong at the Twinkie factory and then I looked at the package:

Banana #$!%&*%$!# Twinkies? This has got to fall under the WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY? Category. I mean, for the love of god. Stop. Candy makers, and general treat dispensers, please. Just stop. There is a reason your products have been around for 100 years. They are good. It's that simple. And sometimes it's okay for things to be simple. Why must the people at the candy bar companies constantly be sitting around trying to come up with new ways to package chocolate and carmel and tasty treats? Please. Stop.

And if you aren't going to stop what I need is packaging that makes it ridiculously clear that you are trying to get me to fall in love with a new product. Because one way to make your old product have a bad connotation in my head is by making me eat it when has unknowingly turned to banana flavor. I will be gun shy every time I see a Twinkie now. And that's no kind of life to lead. If we can't blindly eat Twinkies and know they will be good then I don't know if any of the rest is even worth it.


tornwordo said...

That would be quite a shock. I like the prominent "artificial flavor" too.

Patricia said...

poor little neutered nola. indi didn't have to have the collar and i was stunned to find that she didn't mess with her incision at all. and yeah, keeping her "still" for 2 weeks was a joke.

those eyes are uber creepy. and very distracting.

i just read about the twinkies thing. it said that banana was the original flavor when they first came out. during the war, there was a banana shortage (i know this is starting to sound like crap) and so they changed to vanilla creme filling. seriously. although this totally sounds like an answer in the game balderdash, no?

Chunks said...

Poor nutless Nola. It ain't easy being a boy dog in this woman's world. HAHA!

Banana twinkies? Pukeage!

Lukewarm tamales said...

That reminds me of something I saw in the store last night. "Hot Tamales" (the candy) ICE flavor. Do I even have to comment on the oxymoronicness of this product? Who in the board room came up with this mind-twisting idea? Let's just stick with the originals...Twinkies, Wheat Thins, Hot Tamales, etc... they were all fine the way they were so let them be without evil hybrid twins.

Anonymous said...

Banana was the original twinkie filling

Tigerpants said...

That is one cute-as-hell puppy, testes or no. Clever, too. It would never occur to me to sit on the coffee table!