Friday, July 13, 2007

Remember When

So there's not much to report from La La Land. The only thing I've really made a note of is the fact that I may have some sort of brain problem. I lived down here for two years or so. I think. And I think it was about 5 or 6 years ago that I was here. Maybe 7. And I can't remember a damn thing about this place. I have no idea how to get anywhere. Now granted, LA is huge and spread out like crazy. But still, you'd think some things would ring some bells. I spent 20 minutes today trying to find the 405 freeway. Lots of U-turns. And cussing. And making phone calls:

"Okay, do I go 405 north or south to get to you?"
Ten minutes later, "Okay, 101 north or south?"
"Jesus, don't you remember how to get to Laurel Canyon?"
"I don't remember anything. I don't have to use the information and therefore it has left my brain. Kinda like everything I learned in high school."

It just seems weird, shouldn't I remember some things?

Well, I guess I remember SOME things. Today my old roommate and I went by the first place we lived when we moved down here. When the two of us met we were both working at the same TV station in Chico, which is up north. One day I asked if he ever thought of moving down to LA. He said yes. So we packed up our two cars and drove down. No money, no jobs, no place to live. Ahhhh to be young and completely insane.

We crashed with a friend for a little while, then we found an apartment. In the ghetto. So so ghetto. We went by it today and sure enough, it's still in the ghetto. We went inside (Through the front door that still has that call box thing outside as if it's a secure building. The front door was still propped open like it was the whole time we lived there. Classy.) We took the elevator up and it is still the slowest moving elevator of all time. I've gone 40 floors in the time it takes this thing to creak up three tiny floors. We tried to get up on the roof, but the fire escapes have been locked since we lived there. Which is a bummer.

When we lived there we'd go up on the roof and drink Coronas and watch the freeway traffic. Because that was the view, the freeway. And not even like the freeway in the distance. No. The freeway right next to the apartments. Awesome. One thing that we always found weird, the roof had walls on it. As if they started to make a fourth floor and then all of a sudden they gave up. The walls have doorways and everything. Weird. But yet, kinda fitting.

So today we went back to our ghetto apartment and we laughed at how we moved in there with a couch, a weight bench, two beds and a TV (always a TV). Add in the Coronas and we were had everything you could need.

Ahhhh to be young and completely insane.


Patricia said...

it's cool to go back to places like that. and now look at you. all condo'ed up and momma to a dog. still young and maybe only intermittently insane. that's remarkable progress.

Chunks said...

I want to know everything about you, especially when you tease me with little tidbits like "when I worked at a TV station" um, HELLO! And not in a stalkerish way. More of a fill in the blanks way. Although, you seem to have put up a few mental blocks so I guess I will just have to settle for the scraps you give us. LOL!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE . . . don't remind me of those days (and nights) when I never got any sleep worrying about you in LA. mom

Almost insane said...

Yeah because to be older and insane, like, say, going on a 3 month tour of the US and building houses in Louisiana, or buying a condo with no steady income, or flying to LA to write a script in 5 days is completely rational. You can take the girl out of the insane, but not the opposite. Stay insane, it's what makes you you.