Thursday, June 22, 2006


I got pictures taken today for the book and it is official: I’m a disappointment to my gender. I had to have a make-up girl come over and do my make-up for me, because I just don’t know how. I missed that girl gene. And the shopping one too. And the cooking one. But I do have pretty big boobs, so I guess I made up for all genes in that one area.

It took forever for the make-up girl to make me pretty. Pretty takes way too long, kinda like cooking and shopping. This is the reason I avoid all of them, I’ve got other things to do. Like watch TV and eat take out Chinese food.

The photoshoot went well, we got some decent pictures and I look adorable. I’m a little worried that looking that adorable is going to make my regular non-make-up-ed face look pretty bad by comparison. And we did the make-up in a real subtle, not over the top, so the adorable-ness even looks kinda natural. It is not. I was told by my make-up girl that I need to get some stuff for my eyes or I’m going look 85 in about two years. I’ve got a bit of dark circle issue with my eyes. Hmph. She told me to go to my favorite make-up place and ask them to give me some under-eye cream stuff. I wonder if Rite Aide will be able to assist me.

We took the pics out at the park where I used to run. My knee hurt just being there. But I felt very famous cause I was getting my picture taken and the runners kept looking at me, trying to figure out if I was famous or perhaps just getting my Senior photos taken for school. I think they went with the famous because at 85 I’m to old to be a Senior.

I even saw some of the people I used to run with while I was out there, so that was fun. They were all sweaty and running and healthy and I was covered in make-up and out of shape and getting ready to sell a book about running. Something seemed a little off.

Maybe I’ll post the pics tomorrow and ya’ll can vote on which one you think should go in the book. I warn you though, it’s going to be a tough choice, cause I was adorable in all of them.


tornwordo said...

Aw, you're so adorable. And your big boobs comment made me laugh.

Chunks said...

I can't wait for this book of yours. I really can't!

The girl gene is overrated, in fact, that might explain my crazy hormones, maybe I got your girl gene too!

Tone Def said...

Just know that every model, actress and wanna be America's Top Model uses just about as much make-up, help and airbrushing to look adorable. at least you accomplish that on your own just sitting on a red sofa watching DVD's.

Dean said...

Did you use a feather boa, cowgirl hat, or anything left over from the naked shoots? That might have helped detract from the dark eyes.

Can't wait to see the photo's! I don't know as I have ever seen you all done up.

fuggedaboudit said...

Dawn, you are so is for losers anyway.

Patricia said...

don't worry about the difference between your make-up-ed face and your non make-up-ed face, to steal your very authorish word. it'll simply make it easier to go out in public among the real people once you're rich and famous and on oprah.

gosh i hope you told the truth in those 60,000 words. i hear she's a real stickler there.