Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Expert Painter

I am a very good painter.

My main strategy is to put as much paint as possible on the roller then just move it around the wall.

No one else looked like me, so I'm thinking I'm the first one to think up this strategy.

It will catch on, I'm sure.

Painting is inside.

It is still pretty friggin' hot inside, but not as friggin' hot as outside.

Today we will go on a swamp tour after work.

Apparently that is the thing to do.

Sounds misquito-y to me.

Then we will probably eat something deep fried.

Why the people here aren't all 634 pounds I do not know.

They enjoy a deep fryer here.

Which really makes it my kind of place.


Ophelia said...

It's because you sweat out all the fat in the south. Mosquitos like fry -- it's like liquid meat to them. That's why there's so much fried food, mosquitos and hot in the south.

I miss home.

But not the mosquitos.

tornwordo said...

I hear they fry twinkies and snickers down there.

shope. said...

You should totally go eat at the Clover Grill on Bourbon Street (in the gay district past Tropical Isle). All of the grease you could want, plus atmosphere coming out it's ears. We had breakfast there one morning and it was awesome.

Patricia said...

i vote for this pic as your book photo.

Dean said...

I am so pleased to hear you are not doing demo work. Although at first glance it looked like you had a cast on your arm! *snicker*

Your still smiling and that is good. Glad to hear you are going to the location of all the great B movies...Swamp Thing, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Alligator, Anaconda, and of course Mosquito.

Enjoy your crunchy fat meal! :D

Onion Ring dipper said...

I vote for the picture too. It's much more adorable.

Chunks said...

You look just like I do when I paint!!! I say if you don't get covered in it, well, you must be doing something wrong.

Sorry to hear of the heat, glad to hear about the deep fried goodness.

Stay hydrated!