Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So the apocalypse was supposed to be yesterday, cause it was 6/6/06. But here we still are. Jesus was just messing with us with that whole threatening to end the world because we are sinning sinners. He’s such a kidder.

But you know what I realized? My TV blew up. And that is pretty close to an apocalypse for me. Then I went outside today to find that the battery in my car had all but passed away. So basically the gods are messing with my television and my car. Uh, what happen to fire coming down from the heavens, like what is supposed to happen for the apocalypse? And isn’t Martin Sheen supposed to be here or something?

I don’t know. All I know is that the world didn’t end and so my contract is still valid and I have to keep on writing the book. Of course with no TV or car it’s not like I have a lot of other options on how to spend my time.

Another sign of the apocalypse? I have nothing more to say today. I know. Go stock up on canned goods, maybe Jesus’ Blackberry broke so he’s off a little on the actual day he’s planning on coming down to reek vengeance and havoc on the sinners, and most likely file a defamation of character lawsuit against the entire religious right.

Peace out.


fAMOuS said...

True, it was "666" yesterday but the real test lies after 2013. The Mayan calendar ends with that year. I guess we'll have to wait for apocalypse then rather now. ;)

Dean said...

I am no longer there.
Sorry you didn't make it.