Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Oh dear lord. A tragedy has struck. It seems as though my TV has broken. Well at least the video part has broken, the audio seems to still be working fine. And the poor video part is trying its hardest but can only muster up a bizarre blue/flashing white screen. Me thinks it has passed away. Perhaps May sweeps was just enough to push it over the edge. It’s all so sad. Especially since there are some new summer shows premiering soon. Whatever will I do?

One might argue that TV shows should be the least of my concerns while I am attempting to finish a book in a week’s time. But then one would be smacked and reminded that logic has no place here.

Thank god I have two other TV’s, so I’ll have to put one in my room, perhaps the one that this TV replaced. That one is a perfectly fine television, it simply doesn’t have functioning closed captioning and I don’t have functioning ears, so you see where the two of us ran into some issues. But without an actual picture on the TV I don’t know that it matters that I have closed captioning, now does it? No it does not.

Maybe this is the Gods trying to point out that I probably shouldn’t be turning on the TV at all this week. I would like the Gods to know that I was merely turning it on so that I could set the Tivo to tape the shows that I’m going to watch AFTER the book is done. And possibly DURING various strings of writer’s block. I’d appreciate it if the Gods would have a little more faith in my abilities to meet a deadline, thank you.


tornwordo said...

Um, how far is the nearest Best Buy? Nuff said ; )

Stephanie said...

I say buy your self a new TV asap! Book or no book, the summer shows have begun and some are just too bad to miss.

Patricia said...

a sign. it's definitely a sign. and somehow i think it's retribution for getting on tivo's case when it kept recording the 700 club for you when you first bought it.

Swing Away said...

Your tv is trying to tell you to finish your book. Don't you know about SIGNS?? (Not the M Night Shamalammadingdong movie).