Monday, June 12, 2006


We are getting dangerously close to my contractual deadline for the book. Thursday is the big day that I have to have all my stuff in. Then we will spend the following week doing any clean-up or possibly completely re-writing of the book when my publisher realizes that I’m an idiot. Hopefully that won’t happen.

But you know what will happen after I hand the book in and before we start the clean up? I will be sitting on a beach. And it will be awesome.

Two of my friends are getting married this weekend. In high school Cris sat behind me in Geometry class and I played soccer with Sarah. The two didn’t know each other. Junior year I told Cris he should ask Sarah to Homecoming (or some other dance, who remembers details). Eleven years later they are finally getting married. Don’t you just hate to see people rush into things? Because the wedding has been ten years in the making they decided to go big and have it in Pismo Beach. I’m pretty much a fan of anything taking place with the word Beach in the name.

We rented a house on the beach for a long weekend and about 12 of us will be crashing there. And you just know that the other kids are gonna wanna come hang out at our party house too. Overall the weekend has the potential to be like an episode of the Real World, except we are all way too old to be on that show. But we will probably match the Real World’s alcohol intake, so at least we still have that. Basically we are going to have 12 people staying in the house and another 10 or so stopping by the house. All of us have known each other for way too long and I wonder what excitement lies in store for our impromptu ten year high school reunion. Considering we all saw each other last week I imagine all pleasentries will be skipped and we’ll move straight to the rehashing of old drama. Really, if we weren’t so old I’d have MTV make a show about it.

But drama or not, I’m going to be on a beach. And I can’t tell you how excited I am about this fact. Between the election and the kid and the book I have been going non-stop for way too long and I am greatly looking forward to stopping this weekend while laying on a beach. Unfortunately the book has put me behind on quite a bit of other work, so I fear I may have a laptop on the beach, but I can’t think of a better way to work. Did I mention I love the beach? I do. I should live near one, because I would be calmer I think. Something about the ocean soothes me. Maybe it’s the margaritas I’m usually drinking while near it. That could be it.

It’s 5:20 a.m. and I’m not even remotely tired. We have now officially moved into Deadline Mode here at Casa de Writing Frenzy. We thank you for your support during this dangerous time.


tornwordo said...

good luck ma'am.

humidity hater said...

There are LOTS of beaches in L.A. Lots. You could live by them AND write at the same time. But you went ahead and bought a home in Sacramento, so, have a nice hot summer!!!!

Patricia said...

the beach house escapades sound like a potential book in themselves. i just hope these people realize their lives are open fodder for our amusement now.

Chunks said...

Have fun at the wedding!!!

It's your ten year and my twenty year high school reunion. How brutal is that?!