Friday, June 09, 2006


It’s 4:30 in the morning.

Not that time matters any more. Because no matter what time it is I can always be found here:

I think there is a good possibility I will actually have bed sores from sitting so long on this couch. When you are sustaining actual injuries as a result of sitting you might be sitting too much.

I can’t imagine why I am sore, the position I’ve chosen to write in is really an ergonomic jackpot. I can’t really see anything wrong with it at all. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do work like this.

I was forced to the red couch because I was physically and mentally unable to write at my desk in my room. It is where I do all my other work and writing, but for this it was only providing blank pages. I decided it is not in the best interest of my productivity to attempt said productivity near a bed. Said bed tends to provide a very easy way to nap instead of write. I don’t know why the red couch doesn’t provide that same napping, it certainly has been the home to many a nap in the past, but for some reason this week it is the home of all things productive.

Please notice the pillow under the computer. That is a new addition because the laptop used to be on my actual lap and I used to think that I was going through menopause in my late 20's because of the hot flashes I was having. You’d think that if you were going to build a machine and call it a LAP top you might make the machine actually able to go on a, I don’t know, LAP maybe. The bottom of my laptop gets so hot I was literally sweating yesterday while I had it on my lap. I fear my new set up may result in the pillow catching on fire and possibly igniting the whole house into flames. But I’m sure I have a “Burned to a Crisp” clause in my contract that would allow me to retain my advance and not actually finish the book.

Another picture:

You know what would be fun? If I had a “U” key. If I didn’t have to stop every time I type a U and deliberately and carefully hit the delicate little green thing. Good lord. I may be the most ghetto writer out there.

So there you have it, that is all I have to say about anything because that is the extent of my life for the next 7 days. Man is it an exciting time.

Question: Is it more difficult to finish a marathon or write a book about finishing a marathon?

Answer: At least I get to lay on the red couch while I’m writing. What I wouldn’t have given for the red couch while running the marathon.


tornwordo said...

I notice your posts tend to be close to dawn. Is that because you stay up all night, or because you get up ridiculously early?

blasphemousness said...

Don't even suggest that dawn voluntarily wakes up with the sun. Bad idea.

Patricia said...

ok, first. torn. dawn? up at dawn? bwwaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!!!

as for the whole "u" thing. pop the key cover thingie off the "z" and trade. unless you are writing about a zoological marathon, you probably won't notice it's missing.

Anonymous said...

Patricia's idea is FABULOUS!!!!-mom

fAMOuS said...

Forget about waking up at dawn or the missing "u". How did you take a picture of yourself while sitting on the couch? Mirrors right?

Chunks said...

Dawn, you need a flat hard surface for your laptop, or else you are going to overheat it or catch your fool self on fire!!

And if you keep sitting like that, you will end up with bad knees and achy hips!

I only lecture because I care. And I am a natural nurturer.