Tuesday, June 13, 2006

!#$%@%$ Voicemail Lady

I feel the need to vent. I did so on a friend’s voicemail the other day but now I feel as though it is blog-worthy as well.

Can someone please explain to me why, in the year 2006, I need a friggin’ lady on the voicemail to explain to me how to leave a friggin’ message? I mean really. Really. If I don’t know to start talking after the damn tone, well then I really don’t even deserve to be talking in the first place. And ENOUGH with all of voicemail lady’s OPTIONS. No I don’t want to page the person, because if I wanted to do that I probably could have just text messaged them. No I don’t want to send a friggin’ FAX TO A CELLPHONE. Cause that is not even possible I don’t think. And no, I do not want to wait until after I leave my message to hear even MORE OPTIONS. How can there be any more options? I’ve already been given 236. And I’ve already used up 12 minutes of my airtime listening to computer lady tell me how to leave a message, so I really don’t have any time left to stick around and hear any more options. Quite frankly I might not even leave a message now, because I’ve damn near forgot 1) who I’m calling and 2) why I’m calling.

But I do know that I wasn’t calling to send a fax, that much I know for sure. But thanks for asking.


Patricia said...

yeah she bugs me, too. the best systems are the ones that have the option to skip the greeting altogether for frequently called numbers.

on my cell (and the hub's) the greeting is not only unskippable, it is given twice. she says the same damn useless information two times in a row. she says the same damn useless information two times in a row.

annoying. annoying.

Ophelia said...

OMG YES. I've stopped leaving my friends actual messages and instead scream about how I don't need to be taught to use VOICEMAIL, which has been around for THIRTY YEARS. There's really no need to leave a message, because when they check their mail and hear me screaming, they know it's me, because I'm the unstable one.

The other thing that bugs me uncontrollably is the non-option to delete my messages. I have to sit through the whole thing and listen to friend A say "hey.... it's me..... ummm...... hey..... so gimme a call...." and then wait for the voicemail lady to tell me EVERY TIME that I can delete my messages by pressing "7". Since I already knew to 1) Call my friend back and 2) Press "7" to delete the damn message when I identified the caller at the first "Hey...", it irritates me to no end to be held hostage and not able to interrupt the whole process simply by preemptively pressing "7".

I have now used your blogger commenter to vent. But then, I know you understand.

Anonymous said...

Just for grins, listen to the message on YOUR cell phone. It's enough to drive a person to hard drink!--mom

Laura said...

I always wondered how you send a fax to a cell phone. And better yet, how do you receive one? I think I am going to start telling people to contact me by fax. I may be able to avoid most pointless conversations.

Auntie Verizon said...

Just press the number ONE to bypass the annoying Verizon Lady. It will save you from having an aneurysm.