Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another Outstanding Vacation Destination

Uh, has anyone seen that the friggin’ NATIONAL GUARD has been called into the place where I am going to vacation for two weeks? I really have issues when it comes to how I spend my time away from work. I think what I do is I find places to go to so that I really value home when I return. I usually leave in a state of stress and overwork-ness and then by the time I return from these various places I have nothing but kind words for my little computer and non-manual labor.

My mother is on some sort of two week bus tour of the west and I’m very much hoping that the bus tour does not stop by any sort of news broadcast because I think that she is going to be a little bit worried that I’m going into an area where the violence is so bad that the National Guard is being called in. This is the kind of thing that might worry a mother. Yet, given some of my other choices in life, I’m thinking that it might take more than a little violence to worry her anymore.

So yeah. Let’s see. It’s hotter than the hinges of hell in Louisiana, BUT it is also hurricane season AND people are shooting each other on a pretty regular basis. Seriously this is like the worst travel brochure ever. I thought my mosquito nets and vaccinations were bad for my last trip to save the world. This time I might have to get a bullet-proof jacket. Cause you know, this time I’m traveling in America. If only mosquitoes were all we had to worry about.

God Bless America

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tornwordo said...

Good luck ma'am!