Thursday, October 12, 2006


Here is a galley of the book. It seems as though we are inching towards an actual book. All very exciting.

Tonight there were more board games played with the child. The game this evening was good old Life. You can’t go wrong with Life really. It’s fun. You know what’s even more fun? When you read the directions and realize that you are supposed to collect your payday every time you pass over the Payday box, not just when you land right on it. This was good thing to know, because we didn’t know and both of us were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before we even got halfway through our life. Although that might be a little more accurate to actual life.

I think that someone needs to come up with a realistic version of the game of Life. I can’t imagine no one has thought of this before. Because the game could be a hell of a lot more entertaining if you ask me. And more realistic.

First of all you HAVE to stop and get married. I HAVE to? Where is the divorce space on the board? Or the “Your spouse is found humping his secretary collect $50,000 in alimony” space?

I picked Artist as my profession. I made 40 grand a year in the game of Life being an artist. Not to mention I got 10 grand every time the kid spun a 1 (she was buying my artwork (she’s a big fan of it apparently, she bought it like 4 times)). I’m thinking that 60 grand a year for being an artist might be a bit misleading to the kids. And then I got to buy a beach house for $110,000? Where the hell is this beach exactly? Iraq?

So basically in this game I was an artist who made 60 grand a year and only had to spend $110 grand on a beach house, which I shared with peg husband who I was forced to marry and my twin children who insisted on driving in my car until I retired. What little mooches.

Honestly, if someone hasn’t come up with a realistic version of Life I think that is a million dollar idea. Where else are kids going to learn about real life? Certainly not from Candy Land.


Anonymous said...

I spit all over my screen with the image of a beach house in Iraq.

I love a good board game, have you played Cranium? It is lots of fun. Hard on families though, I should blog about it sometime.

Patricia said...

i think i'd rather play the version of life where i can buy a beach house for a hundred grand. come to think of it, i'd rather live that life, too.

cranium was developed by someone with adhd, i'm just certain of it.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You're a sweet mom, Dawn. I played Life with my kid and told her I'd never do it again.

Mind-numbingly boring.

famous said...

Don't you know it's the dream of every little girl to be married? C'mon Dawn, get with the program! LOL